When do you truly experience bliss?

              Bliss, a concept, a state where everyone wants to be. Why does the feeling of being happy actually make us feel good?Why does it imbibe positivity?Why are negative feelings bad?Why does it happen that we always want 'good' feelings to reside in our hearts.the last question I would like to ask is can we experience this so called "happiness' without knowing its flipside i.e "negativity".
          One very recent observation I made is that humans are risk averse. They fear taking risks only because it may lead to sadness. They fear taking risks because it may hurt their ego, which is a tamed lion in their hearts which is constantly being nurtured by restricting oneself in a cocoon. A cocoon which helps a person justify each action taken by a him/her to avert taking risks. It's strange that people admire a person who fears making mistakes, whose life is flavourless and feels that his/her life will run according to a script coded by some supernatural force residing within him/her. I absolutely detest such attitudes. Even if these people reach heights, its because the conditions(of they hanging around for such a  long time in a safe zone) have pitied them and given away 'success'. Are they really happy or just that their outer self wants to indulge in happiness for the sake of it?
         One must take risks; it's not that every risk will bear fruits. Out of 100's of risks a person might have taken, 10 might bear fruits and rest 90 might be a bad experience. The taste of these 10 fruits is far better than 100's of fruits earned living in a cocoon.There is one thing I must surely point out that risk brings with it a lot of pain and failures.These pain and failures are a grave threat to happiness.
The failures of risk are so damaging that one might feel totally down, immersed in the sea of sorrow. This sorrow is so deep that it makes a person believe sunlight to induce darkness on earth. One might feel that his/her world has totally come to a halt and that his/her future is dark.
      This is where the best part of life begins, for the one's who realize it. This is where the strength of one's mind is measured. The battle during such times is much strenuous than any war fought physically. The harder thing lies in one's mind which is invisible. It may take months,years to win this battle. Finally what is the use of winning this battle, it is that one experiences true bliss. One can only understand the true value of happiness when one knows the value of sadness/sorrow.
    Many of us fail to accept the fact that life is not that easy. Hence, we do not also want to accept the sadness which life throws upon us, we do not want to experience this. It is this attitude which curtails us from experiencing true bliss. Accept the things which you cannot do, take risks, fall,rise up,face the consequences and finally EXPERIENCE BLISS in whatever the result might be.


Write one, Feed One.

                    Before I begin elaborating on the issue, I would really thank Blogadda for such an magnanimous initiative. For years, observing my contemporaries, youngies recklessly sitting on the streets and scourging for food;begging for money instead of progressing in academics and career,  I always wanted to help these people. But the number of people with this kind of affliction were grandiose. Through this blog post I not only wish to do my part but also appeal to all the readers to do their bit.
         Many a times, I was struck by "what-if" situations. What if India(world on a larger scale) was void of hunger, what if in India, every child was educated. As of now these conditions seem to be utopian, but the optirealist(optimist with a fair amount of realism) prefers to think otherwise.  It is NGO's like Akshaya Patra which will help scores of people like me realise this dream.
         The underprivileged children primarily need food. In absence of it, they become oblivious to the importance of education in their life. A perfect remedy would be mid-day meals where children are fed and made to study under the same roof. There are two advantages to this scheme,
1)Children are fed, which is their current demand
2)Children are educated which helps them in their future aspirations.
      If such schemes are implemented diligently and earnestly, I can one day see the number of children falling under the ambit of such schemes increasing greatly. It will not be a distant dream for me to find the roads deserted of children sitting on the footpath for money and food.  If the current generation is taught to stand on their feet, they will positively influence their children to stand on their feet and gradually the concept of poverty will cease to exist.
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     Talking about education, there are millions of people who are sitting there out on the roads, who are sometimes very talented and capable but are pulled down by lack of food. The worst part is they themselves are unaware of their talents and someone else notices it. I have observed quite a few people who are extremely sharp in grasping things but they lacked proper guidance. Taking this a bit further, if children are educated, activities such as theft will go down. People will learn to earn by working hard with the skills acquired by education as compared to earning money by stealing someone else's fruits of hardwork. Children must be educated to make them realise that the "Pen is mightier than the sword".They will gradually come to terms with the fact that there are peaceful and dignified ways to earn your bread rather than indulging oneself in various nefarious activities.
     As discussed, the advantages of such schemes are galore.Eliminate malnutrition and encourage children to take up education. It's impact on the present and the future is really mammoth-like and it is better sincere efforts are taken in this aspect in the present.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda

For every blog post we write,  BlogAdda will sponsor meals for an Akshaya Patra beneficiary for an entire year, as a part of our Bloggers Social Responsibility.

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