Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote

Well, I wont divide this review into logical divisions as done earlier for a change. To give you all a background, I was reading 'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand which is quite deep and a heavy read and I was desperately looking forward to read a thriller/suspense to lighten things up. Through Blogadda, I caught hold of this review copy which kept me enthralled for hours.

       Getting to the storyline, it all starts with projecting Aditya as a successful author coming to IIM as an alumni speaker.He is married to Maya, an elegant woman with all the ideal qualities a man might desire in his wife. While promoting his book, he crosses horns with a girl named Shreya who raises objection at him calling a book as a 'product' to be sold. It never started well with them; but Shreya, who was an opportunist wanted to be an successful author and Aditya was the bridge. An inchoate relationship which once began on unfavorable conditions and terms develops into something murky, transactional and later on complicated with emotions.To make it more interesting, the character of Sanjay, who is Aditya's close friend doles out a lot of surprises at the end.

     Ravi has given all the ingredients required for a book to be a bestseller in the book through the fictional character Aditya and it seemed to be too realistic for it to be classified as fiction. The overall story seems to be quite predictable after reading the prologue but still the suspense quotient is retained owing to the characters. Mention of known characters such as Anurag Kashyap, Nirav Sanghvi takes it further towards reality and away from fiction.However, the fact of Aditya not reading books but still able to write lucidly and be able to become a stellar author is something strange as I feel for effective and powerful writing, reading is a must.

     A very good attempt made at description of erotic scenes. This makes it murkier. Each encounter Aditya and Shreya had, I felt was backed by guilt, discomfort all overshadowed by pleasure nevertheless. It was like any other transaction of debit and credit until it got too personal. I couldnt really get if Shreya really loved Aditya or was it just his fame she wanted to inherit, it was really confusing till the end when the truth was out! In fact I still couldnt believe the genuity of emotions at the end!This part of the book, I felt was a bit puzzling as the love seemed to be only because of Aditya's stature and emotions couldn't have been genuine in any case.

   The roles played by Sanjay and Diana, I felt could have been elaborated a bit more. Sanjay did have a history to throw in the whole story.This history could have been elaborated a bit more as a separate chapter keeping him anonymous in that chapter. This would have added suspense and kept the reader wondering on the culprit half way through the book.A short trail would have been better.

  What a wonderful masterpiece, Ravi Subramanian, this is by far the best novel you have come up with. Throughout the book I was wondering if you have been through this situation/have seen a close person in this situation which you put Aditya in. For me, I could only imagine you in Aditya's place whilst playing the story in my mind like a movie. All in all, it is a perfect blend of suspense with quite a bit of romance.
The book briefly quotes its own review from my angle. Here it goes:

I loved it because  a)it is a great story  b) it's brilliantly paced  c) it ends very well d) the language is simple and easy and e) the characters are relatable"
- The bestseller She Wrote, page 117

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Forced Interest

            Do you love the job you are doing? "Ohh yes, why not, I mean I don't understand how I pass time when I am seated in office", says my colleague. He is drenched in the screen of the computer and is reluctant to even talk to me when I try to broach a conversation with him. What makes him interested or is it forced? yes guys, you read it right, there is a new trend going on whereby people force upon interests on themselves so as to at least try to love what they are doing.
       It is generally said that one must not sustain much in their current field if that is not what they want to become in life.Expressions to convey this feeling of boredom used to be in the form of nonchalance,disinterest. Nowadays, its even more dangerous, false enthusiasm and a shallow sense of contentment. People are tied in their own manacles, in a real prison they have their own false mirage which tells them this is what they always wanted. it is very evident in the companies which do not let you choose their stream and force it upon you after your engineering under-graduation studies. I have seen scores of people who were always interested in Java but got some area like Testing and today they are happily working there thinking the pickle served to them as a sweet delicacy.
    Such behaviour of being in a false mirage should be avoided. I would never suggest one looses his/her passion in the quest of helping someone else make money. If there are any financial implications, do work in your current place but make sure that you do not stray from your life's ambition. The world is working in half of its efficiency because we ask a fish to walk on land and a man to breathe in water. Each one of us have different roles and I believe one must be courageous enough to pursue his/her dreams at some point in life.
   There is another category of people who are not interested and are rotting in the job they do. These people are lively and they enjoy the most but out of office. They act as an inspiration to the people but they compromise in professional life. They forget that apart from enjoying they have come here to enhance their professional lives as well. These category of people also seriously compromise in their goals. The problem with us is that we are actually seem to be forgetting the line between personal satisfaction and professional one. When we are satisfied personally, we feel we are doing a job of our passion and when we are only satisfied professionally, we feel that we are personally content as well.
For others who are actually aware of their interest realise how valuable their interest was and then make plans to switch. It is not so uncommon to see people waiting to leave their jobs for an MBA or Masters in a field different from their profession. This is a sorry state of affairs and shows our inability to match our talent with appropriate jobs. This is the reason we experience brain drain. The quality of our so called "innovative" companies promising balance between work and personal life and those equating work and play is not so good. India has one more demand and a threat to cater to; it has to generate jobs, invest in research and make it a suitable destination for "reverse brain drain now". It's high time we stop speaking big and start doing big.
I wish to appeal to all my readers to define a set of objectives, define boundaries and keep your focus.
Good luck!

P.S: Salute to those people who have managed to choose their profession according to their interests


            She had pitched her eyes on him right from the time he entered the hall. What was in her mind?was it admiration or infatuation or was it just an exchange of expressions? probably only she could answer.......
  It was a rainy day outside and Sagar was to attend a public gathering for bloggers. It was probably an event he was looking forward to, meeting people with the same passion. The mundaneness of the world had probably bogged him down to a great extent. Work-Home-Work was a perpetual train which could never seem to end for him. It all started after his engineering where he got trapped in a larger net than he thought of. He was a wanderer in the world of his own creations which kept the reality from bay. He always felt work was all about the fancy concepts one studies in engineering but the truth was far from that. Work was all about delivering somehow even if one knows nothing(here lies the true art of survival).
     Love had now ramified into two branches for him 'love' and 'corporate love'. The relationships forged in corporate were generally shallow. Guys there were attracted to the plaster women put up on their face. Amidst all these things, he was looking towards something refreshing.
As he entered the hall, a Five star plush hotel in the finest areas of Mumbai, he could see people with diverse interests.Some wrote about delicacies, some shared about the experiences of travelling(wander-lusts) while others took blogging professionally.
Decipher my emotions
  An elegant woman with short and curly hair, eyes as dark as a black cat and skin as white as snow was accompanied by solitude. Her eyes contracted the moment their eyes locked, in reaction he upped his eyebrows.        
 She responded by dilating her eyes while he gently blinked an eye at her. She later displayed stress by narrowing her eyebrows once again and he was still relaxed. She wanted him to respond but he did not as his expression was the same throughout. In the rage of disappointment, she just left the place and disappeared into the crowd.

She had pitched her eyes on him right from the time he entered the hall. What was in her mind?was it admiration or infatuation or was it just an exchange of expressions? probably only she could answer.......

Its all in your intentions!

'A content Life' is a thing to wonder on, a thing which differs from person to person. So what is it that brings you contentment? Is it having your coffers filled with money or is it making someone stand on their own feet because of your assistance. A bounty in your coffers will do very little to make your life successful. However, all you be successful in is boosting your ego, which will only fade away with your body after death.

The greatest irony of this world is that people whose definition of content life is correct are clipped by monetary constraints and some of those who have their coffers filled do not play their part. Even if they do, is it intentional so as to increase their popularity or does it come straight from the heart. These are the questions I encounter myriad times when I think of these stalwarts who get into the business of philanthropy.If one looks for boosting ones ego and public image here as well, little will their inner self be ever happy. Karma only when done with the pure heart will bear real fruits. "Short term gains" and instant fame are the motivating factors behind the people who actually are in the lookout for image-boost. Better to leave such shallowness behind which serves no good.

It's Rakshabandhan here in India, a festival where a brother reinstates his duty to protect his sister(s). Lets take a pure and unintentional(one expecting nothing in return)oath to protect not only one's sisters but every woman on the road from the devilish atrocities committed by a few of us. On a lighter note, sisters, don't expect a lot of gifts coming your way because pure intentions is the greatest gift you can get :p
Have a good day guys!

This Rakshabandhan, I am supporting ‪#‎BhojanSurakshaBandhan‬

P.S: I really hope that no-one falls in the image booster category and that I am proved wrong by all means.

The Best Tribute

Hello Guys, it has been a long time since I posted. Got a bit busy with numerous tasks. One thing I observed in this long break is that I cannot distance myself much from writing. Having lost my dear grandpa and Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam with not much gap between the two events, I am feeling extremely heavy from inside.

My Grandpa and Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam were two stalwarts in their respective fields. One was the missile man of the country and the other one was the missile man of our family. Both have set an ideal example of how life is to be lived. Both have undergone inevitable pain, sailed through most difficult turfs in their lives and sometimes I feel that only selectively looking at their successes would be a mistake.

Back then at that time, both my grandpa and Dr A.P.J have been victims of "budding age and unbudding country". This categorically means they had desires and ambitions as high as the sky but resources were extremely as scarce as they could get. In a country just managing to free its clutches from colonisation, even basic necessities such as electricity was a challenge keep aside other amenities. In such adverse circumstances, they managed to study and get themselves a job which today has got a lot easier as compared to those times. I so wonder as to how Dr APJ Kalam had garnered so much of knowledge as to build missiles. Today, even after the prolific relevance of internet, no "Missile Man" of India has arisen. I think his dedication is unmatched and he never had to prove himself and his position w.r.t the country. I am not able to find any other missile man today,why?

My Grandpa, on the other hand had always been a "missile man"of our family. He had a widespread relevance and was known to even the most remote relatives. He was intransigent when it came to breaking rules for ones own benefits. Life had presented him with many opportunites to desert people and leave them struggling for themselves but he, undauntingly faced the hardships of supporting everyone and ensured even they are settled in life.I call him missile man because he ensured the launch of independent individuals(missiles).

Obviously, they both have seen terrible flipsides of life, facing resistance from people, criticisms and those things cannot be described because words cannot match up to those feelings at any point of time. The best tribute we can pay to these esteemed souls is by following their principles rather than admiring them for a day or two and going back to worthless mundaneness. I would like to end this blog by dedicating a short writeup(eulogy) for both:

Dearest Grandpa, it is said that the true value of people is realised only when we have lost them. In this hustle-bustle, I really feel that I had forgotten  to cater to the innocent emotions which you had for me. I really curse the debilitating Alzeimers which  snatched you away from my life.You had to go, as every mortal has to shed his/her body. I consider your body only a medium to forge ties between our souls and I sincerely wish that an esteemed soul like yours comes back and broaches up a coversation with me. I still remember the times when you went to the pedagogic state explaining me basic principles of life which I must follow. It is indeed those values which have let the undying spirit in me never fade and loose its sheen come what may. You have helped innumerable souls out there and what more could a person have asked for, when all he gets is goodwill from scores of people even after his death for the grand benevolence he portrayed when he was alive.
I would consider myself as blessed if I could even follow a percent of ethics you have always followed in life.
There were surely many things to learn for me from your life and I shall always have you in my heart for all that you have given me till date, including my pet name which many still utter.
 With Loads of Love from your grandson.     

A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir, the best and the only tribute we can pay you is by engendering the creation of another diligent,selfless,grounded and a good hearted missile man of India.(Am I asking for too much?)                   

Dear God..

Hello Almighty,
                           How are you doing?Hope things are fine with you. What should I call you?Manager,Senior Manager or Delivery Lead of the Universe(as they designate in corporate ladder).Firstly thank you for making me experience this topsy-turvy world. Today I am writing this letter addressed to you since certain aspects makes me wonder the anomalies which you have created here. So shall I begin?
                          First, why have you created all this? Just imagine, absence of anything would mean that no hassles,no problems, no pain and nothing.This state is not even called nothingness since nothingness is the absence of 'something' and that something would have never existed. So null and void would have been apt? Fine, let us for once accept that you have created the whole universe, the whole grandiose scheme of matter which has led to a grandiloquent branch of science/astronomy, a bunch of intelligent people who are running behind something called infinity, something which has no end. Each year, they come up with interesting statistics to spice up the lives of others with some earthly-looking planet spotted yyy light years away.Please answer as to are there any other people like us you have spawned anywhere else? Look, my life is hardly 60-70 years on an average so Let this proposition be corroborated so that we are able to quench our unreasonable thirst to bond with extraterrestrials(but living inharmoniously with people on the same planet).
          Second, love, you have created the pure feeling of love for humans to experience. Since it is pure, it doesnt take into account the caste, creed or religion of the other person. Still, we are made to believe that the system of caste, creed was created in your presence and that it was for a reason. So tell me one thing, why did you create the feeling of love and then you made us restrict this pure thing with such principles which you yourself have condoned at one point of time?Isn't this behaviour self- contradictory?Please answer this.
         Third,you say you are good and invincible, so why haven't you destroyed evil souls/force. Are you insinuating  that the devils are insurmountable. What is the use of being invincible/immortal  then? Why don't you let justice prevail everywhere?
       Lastly, the concept of death, you make us devise these theories that death brings about peace to humans. If you ever wished for peace then why did you broach upon this concept of death and birth? First, you make us experience cherish able moments with our beloved ones and then suddenly you take them away from us?
   I would be elated if I got answers to these questions because behind these eternal questions leading nowhere lies the mystery of life!
                                                      Thanking you
                                                                                                    Yours Lovingly,
    (Just)A mortal.           

Deciphering A Mother's Love

                Rohit was a bright young student. He would caste a positive vibe where ever he went. He was a crowd puller had a penchant for learning new things related to computers and programming.It wouldn't be odd to say that he was destined to have a good future. Everyone, including his coworkers were of the opinion that the grass was green for him.
                  For a person with such an aesthetic personality, it wouldn't be hard to believe that his soulmate was already in his life at the age of 20.  He had first met her in his college library. It took him just minutes to broach up a conversation with her where others would have still counted on their luck for a topic to broach a conversation upon. Within no time she caught hold of his aura and intense passion but she wasn't an easy fish either. Rohit was determined to have her in his life and after days of putting in 'efforts' to know her more, she finally agreed to be his girlfriend.
                        Dedication was in his veins and he left no stone unturned to keep his girlfriend very happy. His dedication was such that even his life cost him nothing when it came to fulfilling her wishes.Being from the Indian society where caste, creed etc still count, Rohit was caught in the quagmire of either going against his family's wishes or else against his own. He knew that he had chosen her after gauging her for certain qualities which he always wished to see in his other half. His father was ill with Alzheimer's disease but his mother was healthy woman and she would form the backbone of the family.
                     Rohit's girlfriend was so demanding that Rohit would break down and start crying at times; having succumbed to their pressure  . He couldnt be bogged down ever in his professional life by anyone but here was a person who managed to make him bog down completely and shatter him to pieces. He was weakened by the emotions he had for her. This did not mean that she was bad, just that her nature was so, extremely demanding. Rohit had to weave a yarn each time he would meet his girlfriend as many other Indians do but not because of their orthodoxy but their grave concern of the attitude of the girl. They would often say, "She is making so many demands now, I cannot imagine what can happen in the future if this behaviour persists."
                    Rohit was once planning a trip with his girlfriend and her family to Manali. As expected, he couldn't convince his mother to let him go. His mother pleaded him not to go as she had an apparent intuition of loosing her son. "I will never let you go for I am sure something bad is going to happen and I am already sensing it. It's a mothers intuition beta and I dont think you are/will be able to understand it after being totally enamored by that girl." Rohit was cunning, he took advantage of his ignorant mother and somehow spun a yarn that he needs to attend a training for official purposes and that couldn't be missed.
              "I know what you are up-to and will not allow you to go at any cost", his mother said in utter helplessness.She was so stubborn and adamant that even if Rohit was 'not offered a job by anyone because of not attending these "trainings"', she wouldnt let him go. Somehow, after a lot of persuation and insistence, Rohit had made up his mothers mind and despite her repeated obviating behaviour, he left.
                  His mother would count each of the 9 days and wait for his routine call at about 9 PM daily. Such was a mothers helplessness caused by being in the dark despite knowing the truth. On the 4th day of his 9 day trip, Rohit was on his way to Chandigarh. A mob of 10 barged in the compartment of the train, each carrying a AK-47. As Rohit was having a co-ordial conversation with his girlfriend and her family, they suddenly, out of the blue pointed the tip of their gun on his forehead and shot 4 bullets into his brain. One by one, they eliminated each of the his co-passengers with no one to spare.

                It was 9 PM and his mother was getting restless with a magnitude of 100 increasing with each minute. At about 9:01 PM she tried reaching Rohit on his cell but such was her fate, you call it, the phone never even rang once. At 9:15, tears started flowing from her eyes beyond her control; his father could only understand vaguely that he had actually lost his son forever, the ever-bright, ever shining son who would have surely made his world wonderful, atleast that is what he believed knowing that he would never live to understand when his son made it big. Rohit's mom rushed to the police station and after several investigations, she finally got to know the truth. Rohit was no more, she was flabbergasted, torn and even the tears which hadn't stopped rolling from her cheeks from a long time couldn't take away the heaviness of loosing her son.
Hadn't she told him not to go?Hadn't her so-called 'baseless' intuition predict her gem to loose its shine?All she wished for now is death for herself, what remains of  a mother without her son? a mother who lives, breathes and struggles to keep her children safe. Even God, looking at her untiring efforts bestows these intuitions on her which are nothing but foreboding instincts.Can any love surpass this purity and dedication that even God is forced to betray the laws of logic by bestowing intuition?

 For once, realise that others may desert you and make you feeble because it is known that if you do not do certain things for them, you stand a chance of loosing them. Clearly, Rohit betrayed his mother because he knew one thing for sure that he will never loose his mother come what may.
I appeal to all my readers vehemently to decipher and respect a mothers emotions and to love her back equally.

Innocence, the best way to be happy.

                   Recently, I had a very bad time personally. I had started to overthink on issues and though I cared and loved people around me a lot, it was taken negatively and I began loosing them.
The only reason for this is overthinking or being excessively aware of the issues which should not be aggravated.
                 I often used to feel as to why my care and love is being so negatively taken; where exactly am I going wrong. Inspite of being so caring, why is it that people around me are pissed off me. Well guys there is an old adage, anything in excess is bad and detrimental and that is what exactly happened with me. I tried to excessively think good for them and tried to convince them to follow certain things which I felt were good for them but in reality it was an aspect which was absent even in the remote areas of their minds. This situation is terrible and it makes you feel as if the "World is bad and that people dont value you". The truth is that they do not match your expectations or they are not of your level to match up to your level of thoughts. This is one incident which makes me realise the importance of "qualities" of my other half rather than looks. There is a reason why elders say, get a person who matches your level, quality else your life will only downgrade instead of upgrading. Though I had not been in a relationship with anyone till date, this experience made me validate this thought.
                    Oh God, so many serious talks, right? Amidst all this when I was travelling to keep up with a commitment, I paused for a moment on the railway station just as to get a gist of things going around me. Here, I observed a baby, a very small child who was laughing and had a constant grin on his face. What was it for?Nothing as such but that innocence made me forget everything and then for a moment even I could laugh as if nothing of what stated above happened to me.
                 This baby taught me the way to move on. People around me would often pester me to stop thinking about a thing. I would question them as to where can I find that happiness? There is no reason to be happy but looking at that child made me blissful. The baby doesn't understand anything but still is happy. What is the use of growing up and being dismayed. What is the use of thinking unnecessary things when avoiding that thing can make you happy?
                We have a lot to learn from small kids. They are the epitome of innocence and purity and hence they are in a way more nearer to God. As we grow up, manipulation, lust and so any things corrupt our sanity that we just keep going far from an absolute state of bliss and God. This makes us commit sins and later on repent to atone for them. Kids dont overthink, they just live in the moment and experience happiness and that is the greatest lesson to learn from them.
So guys, whenever you are down or feel as if the world isnt running as per your wishes, just think of the  baby and be like one! dont care/bother about anything and that is the way you will be happy.


India's Son..

                    I find India as a country of so many anomalies. We worship Goddesses but at the same time orthodoxy has made us treat women as inferior. The society had become patriarchal; women were under duress from men and this trend continued for generations. Being of the current generation, I am often left stumped as to why such things happened.
                  Today, I, being a man cannot think myself to be so dominant when it comes to handling any girl. Lets say even if I were present in that generation, I just cannot imagine myself to be commanding a woman or treating her as inferior. Forget about a woman, nowadays even servants are reluctant to work under too commanding masters. I wonder how did this concept arise? Just because women are weak physically? If so,then thats the most shallow thought I have come accross till date.
Why do we often focus on what is visible outwardly?For taming our ego, why do we often use such concept which makes us ashamed of ourselves?Can anyone answer these questions. Infact I would say, women are very strong mentally and can bear the load of emotions much more than men. Men have their own good qualities no doubt and we are all aware of that.
                 The respect for women must not be just a matter of symbolism, since so many events of rape have took place here. It must be from the heart with treating her as a human being just as we are. The concept of treating a woman as an 'object of pleasure' has to go. The shameful acts done by few men around has blemished the name of many other innocent ones.Having a physical intercourse has become so common these days that it has lost its sanctity. People are now indulging in it just to satisfy their libido. This libido may or may not have any associated emotions but then it leads to such shameful acts. Let me remind all that it is a symbol of love,emotions and not just an physical activity which helps quench ones thirst temporarily. It can never be forced upon anybody and even if done so wil never lead to any sort of contentment. I dont understand what sort of a pleasure do people find in having these things without any emotions?I just appeal to all men with such mentalities to stop doing such cowardly acts.
                 On the other side, I have also seen some women who want to take advantage of  sane men. Who play with emotions and then use all the rights bestowed to them to their advantage. Emotions are a very powerful tool and some women know how to leverage this when it comes to handling men. They play with emotions, rip it apart and then vanish like nothing ever happened. As this world consist of extremes, there are men who seriously get involved with women but face the heat of women fiddling with their emotions. I feel such women must be punished too. If I believe in equality then this point also has to be considered.Such acts are emotionally draining and it often leads to severe consequences.
               I appeal to all men to treat a woman with respect. A Woman can be good friend/girlfriend/wife/sister. Be in whatever form, they do give us a perspective to think on, which we can never think of. Dastardly acts must stop from both ends.I strongly detest men who indulge in forceful activities; be a India's Son, respect women, and you will see how your life will get enhanced in all fronts. At the same time I would use this platform to appeal to all women to not play with emotions and respect ours just as we respect yours.
Someday, I hope to see a world where there is no concept of 'women empowerment' as they are already equal and empowered as men.


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The world, as I(would like to) see it.

Thank you blogadda for giving us an apt platform to air our views on something which was always going on at the back of our mind. Its an enabler platform for us, bloggers to share and discuss views on this exciting topic.                      

Umpteen number of times, we have seen ourselves cribbing over so many issues in this world. In the heat of the moment, we often crib, 'gosh, what if the world was like this...  '. Yes, you might have guessed it already. I  are talking about utopian situations. Wow, just imagine what we subconsciously said would come true? Before I take this topic head on, why the title has brackets? I hope you'll be able to figure out by the end of this article all by yourself!
         Guys, before we try to make this world perfect, free of poverty, free of evil, free of all the situations which are unpleasant. Let me ask you one thing, if everything is perfectly fine? what will you do? if there is no poverty, no hunger, what are you driven by? Do you have any driving force? You have already created a situation which is the driving force for many to earn and achieve in life. No friends, if we ask for situations as this, world would be more misearble.
         Next, talking about diseases, my utopian world would just comprise of all the diseases with a little less pain. Even to an onlooker, the sight of the diseased crying for help is grandiosely painful.
Now some of you would ask me, why not eradicate diseases? Yes, I would love to but it should be by our efforts, reasearch. it should not come like any wish out of the blue. To sum up, my utopian world would be a world free of diseases but not any pain-free disease. "Pain" is something which makes ur realise the importance of what we just got cured of. What we, as a humankind have successfully managed to eradicate as a result of our efforts and not any magic.
         In the field of education, I would see a world which is free of gender bias/any other bias. By this I exactly mean, there should be no reservations for any gender/other criteria. I am tired of seeing quotas here and there. People with disabilities deserve it but those who are healthy must find themselves a place on virtue of their merit and not any particular quota. Everybody has a right to education and a right to be in a premier institute on the basis of their merit and not because of gender or any other criteria which gives them an advantage.
          My last wish is that everybody work to the highest of their potential. Today, I see that myriad number of people are busy in playing mindless games and climbing up the ladder. Of 100 people, hardly 25 people are working diligently and the world is running on such people. Just imagine that all 100 worked? The productivity would be stupendous. Overpopulated countries would no longer crib as each person would be productive and somehow needs could be met. There would hardly be any people who would like to sit and eat for free or undeserving credits. I believe that majority of the issues would be solved.
       Well guys,you might wonder? What is so utopian in what all I asked. They are nothing but an enhancement of the current situations in a minor way. So, the moral of the story is that the utopain situations are nothing but something very close by. We just overrate things and imagine a world which would be harmful for ourselves in some way or the other.
         According to the Hindu mythology, three yugas have passed and the we are living in the fourth one. World has already been remade three times and this cycle will go on. All we need to do is enhance our present to reach the 'utopian world'.
P.S: Hope you understood the purpose of brackets, its because the world as I would like to see and the one I am seeing are not that far apart..:)


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               These words "sad","sadism" has so much of negativity in it. Even when I hear them, it makes me emotionally nauseatic. The worst part is that such people cannot be avoided(difficult to detect). These people are so damaging that they try their best to rip you apart emotionally. My observation has been that sadistic people can never think good about the people who matter the most in their life as well. They find pleasure in their partner craving for support from them, in portraying their partner as the accused in all the bad things done to them, roaming about freely garnering sympathy and love from all other people but his/her partner. Let me narrate a short fictional story supporting all the above claims.
                 Jack and Tim were two good friends. They became very close to each other in their engineering college days. Similar conditions, similar upbringing were the two factors which united them. Their taste for music was another uniting point. In the second quarter of the first year, their bond was as strong as it could get. Tim was in a relationship since a year or so and jack would be very happy at this and always ask him about his experiences.Tim would talk more about  the negative aspects and would complain about issues which gravely concerned him. It so happened that 'Jina', Tim's girlfriend landed up in the same class as Jack and Tim.
                 The very first impressions of Jina was very encouraging to Jack. He thought her to be a great person with good values inculcated. In real senses she was the greatest sadist person he could ever meet. Often she would complain about Tim and his compulsive behaviour which would make Jack wonder about his good friend's character. She tried her best to get close with Jack owing to his nature portraying Tim as the villan of the whole episode and experience of him in her life. The worst part would be that Tim would scold her in front Jack and that would warrant Jina's claims even more. The reality was that not all the claims which Jina had made were true. She was just a sadist trying to seek the attention and sympathy of others around so that Tim could be cornered at the right time by everyone.
                 One fine day, Jack, being misled by Jina's accusations on his good friend, confronted him and had a heated conversation. Seldom did they know that Jina was a sadist was silently enjoying seeing this. Actually Jack and Tim were two fools who were fighting for a person who never thought out of her confines; who would side with a person she found 'profitable' and would like to keep all her options open. Do sadists have true feelings? I dont think so, their feelings are also driven by motives and attention-seeking behaviour.  Tim and Jack separated out and were no longer in talking conditions. Tim, was however drenched in feelings for Jina so he couldn't leave her. In the whole scenario, Tim was either blind because of his feelings or was selfish himself to separate out with Jack and siding with a sadist.
                    Jina meanwhile was enjoying the romance with Tim and a the sametime she could see that Jack was truly in a sorrowful state on the incidents which had happened. She was "happy" that there were two guys fighting for her.Once when she met Jack outside college she had even said, "Why are you leaving, by doing so you are giving the other one an opportuity to get close." Can you imagine this?Her plight was such that she couldnt se two friends split because of her insanity but she wanted to enjoy the play of seperation more by such inciting dialogues.
         Once Jack and Tim decided to meet and sort issues. Finally, they both realised that they fought over a devil, a sadist. They even agreed that they endured turmoil for the most worthless a human being. The worst part is that, the damage was such that both lost trust over each other. It was too late, because of mistrust each one would doubt his equation with Jina.
    Jack found Jina to be characterless by her actions, being with someone else, she would silently try to forge very strong ties with someone outside, she never cared about anyone else except herself.
It is better to be beware of sadists than getting trapped by their sweet talks and misleading accusations to garner sympathy.Jack and Tim have been separated, but the sadist roams about freely having destroyed everything in her path!


What is inside you?


         Hello everyone, how are you all doing?Hope things are green on your side.
         So the next question I came across is what is inside me? Is it anger, love, hatred,enmity?People might say its a mixture of all and depends on the circumstances. When the circumstances are bad, some negative feelings preside over the positive ones and when the surroundings are encouraging and uplifting, we are at our positive best and may speak bombastically of various concepts like "optimism in life"etc.
             Having said this, now I wonder on whether the negative situations can be handled in a positive manner? Whether there can be enhancements in the way we tackle darker things of life? To Throw more light on this I will share with you all a small paragraph and then elucidate on it later:

'If I were to squeeze this orange as hard as I could, what would come out?' I asked him.
He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said, 'Juice, of course.'
'Do you think apple juice could come out of it?'
'No!' he laughed.
'What about grapefruit juice?'
'What would come out of it?'
'Orange juice, of course.'
'Why? Why when you squeeze an orange does orange juice come out?'
He may have been getting a little exasperated with me at this point. 'Well, it's an orange and that's what's inside."
I nodded. 'Let's assume that this orange isn't an orange, but it's you. And someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, says something you don't like, offends you. And out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, fear. Why? The answer, as our young friend has told us, is because that's what's inside.'
It's one of the great lessons of life. What comes out when life squeezes you? When someone hurts or offends you? If an ger, pain and fear come out of you, it's because that's what's inside. It doesn't matter who does the squeezing: your mother, your brother, your children, your boss, the government. If someone says something about you that you don't like, what comes out of you is what's inside. And what's inside is up to you, it's your choice.
When someone puts the pressure on you and out of you comes anything othe than love, it's because that's what you've allowed to be inside. Once you take away all those negative things you don't want in your life and replace them with love, you'll find yourself living a highly functioning life."
-- Wayne Dyer --

It's a thought provoking article isn't it?When we squeeze an orange what do we get out of it? It can be nothing but orange juice. The orange might be under tumultous pressure when it is carried from the orchards to the point of sale, later humans squeeze it, rip its skin apart and then eat it. In this whole process, does the orange change its flavour? Does it's juice become sour?Inspite of all this, its as it is in its purest form. We can say we may have altered its normal growth by using chemicals etc. Come what may, in whatever situation, even during its death(analogy between human death and an orange being consumed).
The above stated scenario is something ideal but there are a lot of things to take from it. Firstly, resistance; inspite of the kind of adversities it faces, it is still the same. We, obviously cannot be like that, for reasons more than one. If we learn to endure more, we can survive and be successful in our endeavours.  For an example, consider yourself relocated to another place far away from your house. Our home is the most cosy place on earth(though we realise it after our exodus). All the basic necessities are actually 'basic' and when we venture out, in the initial days atleast these things are a challenge. Edible substances may be a kilometer or two away and daily what was served to us in hand now lies at a distance of a kilometer. People are new, we feel as if we have landed at the wrong place. We feel totally bad about the whole activity of relocation which we just accepted for a better prospect. We are pulled back strongly by memories to go where we came from. At such times, if we loose our cool, we loose that opportunity. In this case there  is a lot to learn from the "orange". We just need to keep our calm and keep going, decrease our resistance towards new things and increase our acceptance.
    I got a very interesting point which counters this concept in a way. I'd take the pleasure to put it forward here
"An orange cannot feel pain, anger, depression etc when it is being squeezed. An orange cannot set its mind to resist the squeeze at all costs. It does not have a survival instinct kicking in when it is being reduced to a pulp. A human can do all that. The reaction to life's pinch is a factor of a person's background, history and state of mind. When an act of God razes one's entire familial footprint to the ground, you think love is what will come out? and compassion? and fortitude? Some times, its a question of your composure. But most times, its a question of your surroundings."
A very apt point made there.  Well, the conditions  mentioned above are responsible for all the negative feelings to creep in. But, when we go with this mindset, we increase our elasticity and resist more. To add to this point,  an orange does not experience a feeling of"positivity" or "negativity". Its only for Humans to experience and with a positive mindset we can just try to avoid all negative emotions like anger,following pain etc...sometimes even better than what an orange does.

So, what do you think? Should we be like the orange?

2014:a Year that was and 2015:a year I expect to be.


      Now that new year has begin, before setting up this year's  resolutions,
I wanted to retrospect on all that happened. I wish this year be better than the preceding year.We must grow each year personally and professionally. It makes me immensely nostalgic to recollect all that happened and the worst part is that the best and the worst moments both bring tears to my eyes.
      This year I completed engineering with distinction. Considering all that I had been through for the 4 years spent in college, I could not have asked for a better closure of this chapter. In the four years spent here, I always felt the urge for this journey to get over as so as to strike a truce to all happening around. It taught me a lot about people  being a mixture of good and bad, some were really good while others were equally bad acting for their own benefits. This was the first gist of the unforgiving world around.
     In terms of blogging I started writing short stories. Writing short stories was an effortless task since I observed stories are nothing but 'disguised reality'. I was approached by many to pen down their stories on my blog. Each had unique experiences and there was something or the other to learn from whatever they had narrated. Two of my posts got selected within top 10 in India in a week. It was a good boost for me to keep writing.
   Then came corporate life, a life I always wanted to experience. In a very short time I experienced a lot of perplexities involved, but I could also tackle them. I understood the true importance of "work satisfaction" and also got a gist of the pleasure it gives. I love interacting with people and corporate life opened up avenues for interaction with new people, it led to formation of cemented relationships which I expect to last a lifetime.
   In terms of relationships I have always observed that I have a 'quality few' than a 'quantity many'. I feel a sense of contentment for this virtue of mine. In today's times 'people networking' is more important than any 'computer network'. It is one thing which provides ultimate satisfaction even more than solving a computing network error.
     2015, as a year must be an improvisation over the mistakes I made in 2014. I want this year to be even more exciting interms of work, people. I wish to go out of my comfort zone and explore new places, new things and thereby increase my spectrum of vision. I wish to value each and every relationship in my life, to love each person in my life assuming I will never be hurt by them. It is this love which has prevented many people from leaving my life forever and I do not wish to loose this virtue.I want to value my treasure, the virtue of 'trust' and only shower it on the people who deserve it.
    Lastly, I don't ask God to lessen my existing problems and all those which might come by but I expect him  to bestow me with strength and intelligence to tackle all the problems and with each problem I tackle, I evolve in the journey of life, on a broader note. I think I have already written a lot about myself...what are your new year resolutions??
Feel free to drop in your views!