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I believe Shallowness is the greatest suffering of the day. With advancements in science and other arenas, we are also advancing in becoming shallow in our thoughts. By shallow I mean having thoughts, principles based on something immaterial.
      Deep emotions, deep thoughts have rarefied these days. I mean when I see the world around me which is so manipulative, a place where the concepts of FWB (Friends with Benefits), I find one thing; shallowness. We are apparently running behind some or the other thing without knowing the reason why we crave for it. Lets take up one example, majority of us run for money; justified. Till we get adequate money that excitement and ecstasy is always there. As soon as we get the money, we feel, now what??
Shallowness lies in the thought that since majority of the people are behind something, we also run behind the same thing also called as herd mentality. Some of the common scenarios of herd mentality is taking up a course just because of its popularity,  buying a thing just because someone else has bought it.
     The world is a strange place, laden with people from all sorts. Shallowness doesn't have to be restricted to higher concepts but to also lines of thoughts such as these:
Scenario: In engineering, we have 8 semesters and on an average 6 subjects per semester. Scoring marks is the sole purpose of many of the people here. Well that isn't any problem because all of us would like to score good grades. The problem arises when grades are the sole purpose and people resort to rote learning. According to me, the aim must be learning and applying and if one learns, scores follow automatically. In a way I would term this as shallowness because no purpose is served by hosting rich scorecards alone with a poor mind.
  To run behind the results without knowing the base of things can be said to be shallowness. In every article of mine, I have spoken about relationships. This article is no exception. "Beauty" is such a terrible Maya it leads to shallowness.We, many a times do not judge the person's inner beauty but only the outer one, visible which can be artificially obtained these days. Isn't it shallow guys?? I think we need to change our thinking regarding this.
Shallowness is a terrible thing, one can say since it never makes the person realize the consequences on time . I have in the past also spoken about karma and how a person pays for it. Often, one can find people indulging themselves into crooked ways to achieve something and this leads to the path of being shallow. Its one thing that causes immense suffering but only after the human has settled down in relief that his motive was accomplished..over the surface, it seems that his/her intentions were sorted and taken care of by being shallow..and that person who has been shallow will continue to live in blissful peace on the job being done.He/she will always have the feeling of being complacent though he/she was being shallow but, this shallowness is such a silent predator, like the very-feared heart attack, that it strikes the person who had been shallow in the past, all of a sudden..a bolt from nowhere..and that is when all the suffering starts..the guilt conscience first completely shoots down one's morale..then self degradation, owing to the past where one had handsomely exhibited to oneself how low one can stoop on morals and ethics to achieve that lame and sometimes ridiculous motive which one had, This guilt first starts to creep in and misery compounds. One thing leads to the other and eventually, one fine day the person who has been shallow will be ready to lay bare and sacrifice his/her life as well to atone for his/her sins. We can clearly see how shallowness gradually leads to one's destruction eventually.

 On a lighter note now, One more aspect of shallowness is in our line of thought: "If I cannot go ahead, bring the other one down to my level." One must realize that bringing others down doesn't compensate for the fact that you have not gone ahead in life. Such people are sadistic people,selfish people who can only think about themselves and their happiness.Happiness for such people is coded with a if else statement...let me also write the pseudo code:
   if(I achieve)
{Then I am happy}
else if(others arent able to achieve)
{Then i am happy}
{I am sad}

Hilarious..right?? Remember one thing, that never fall prey to such thoughts which are shallow. Even the core of the earth is 6.5k  kms away from the surface and that is where the processes are taking place...isn't that deep enough?? Shun shallowness and embrace deep,powered and directed thoughts.


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