About Me

              I am Anirudh Rao, an avid reader, a book aficionado,music aficionado and a blogger by choice. I believe music and books are a must in one's life because they see you through the toughest times with grace. I blog about things I stumble upon. Some issues strike me deep inside my heart and that is what moves me and compels me to write. Its a soothing outlet for me to vent things out. Perhaps, I still cannot fathom from where these thoughts come by!Being oblivious is not a bad idea all the time!
     I have strong views about education and  vehemently feel that an educated mind must excel in its way of handling things rather than filling up scorecards.
   We are all masters of our own destiny.Let us support each other and pave our way for the better!
My life is enriched through opinions and discussions.

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