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Sunshine blog award:
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Thank you Namrata

2)The post shallowness got selected for Blogadda's spicy saturday picks.

3) The conversation among intellectuals is a light humour-filled article whereby I air my 'stationery's' views on me, their owner.

4)The post 'The beauty of fiction' got selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks of Blogadda

 The Beauty of fiction

5)The post "India's Son" is my view on how a man should treat a women as also a humble appeal to women to respect a man's emotions.

6)The post "What is inside you" is an endevour to explain as to keep yourself void of negative emotions because it is what comes out during distress. Harbour positivity and live a healthy life!
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7) The post "Fury" was my take on the positive angle of fury as a motivating factor for success. This post features in the Spicy saturday picks of bloggadda

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