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                   The Archers Revenge

Book name: The Archers Revenge
Author: Mr Rajesh K(Destination Infinity)
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When I wrote an article titled the beauty of fiction, I was opportuned to be approached by a professional blogger Mr Rajesh K who is also known as Destination Infinity which is his online identity.

The plot:
To be quite frank, in an age of guns and missiles, archery would be the last on the plate to be considered as a weapon to kill anyone.I'd really appreciate the author for picking up a unconventional means of a weapon in his plot. This is what kept me hooked to the book.
  In a country driven by murky politics, where life is even cheaper than a pebble lying on the ground and loss of a life is just treated equivalent to throwing a pebble to another place carelessly; Aryan's father is murdered by a powerful politician in the Energy Ministry on account of his ulterior motives.The accused minister named Guru is a person who himself has come up with great ardour and diligence.However, he  is soon drenched in the vagaries of power. Aryan is driven by vengeance. He wants to kill his father's assassin in anyway for him to live in peace. For this he comes up with his plan to eliminate the minister when the minister visits Tirupathi, Lord Venkateshwara's abode on earth which is situated above 7 mighty hills. Taking advantage of the turns of the ghats, he attempts to kill the minister with perfect timing and ample practice to his credit. But hold on, he is not the only one it seems lined up to assassinate the minister. He is taken aback and bothers to see who this person is. Is he/she also equally driven to kill the minister? It is Divya, a girl who confides her true identity till the end of the book.She too is an ace archer and a confident girl who believes that participating in contests to prove her mettle is devaluing her skills.Hats off to the portrayal of this point.
The story deals with the explanation of all the tactics applied by these two people to seek justice.

My verdict:
    I liked the simple language used by the author. There is a smooth flow of thoughts and writing is very lucid. He keeps up with the twists and turns of the story appropriately without unnecessarily stretching at places. One can also find how politics in India have a huge influential role in determining majority of things.This will make you understand why Aryan chose to take law in his hands instead of going the legal way.The author aptly justifies the use of archery instead of guns and missiles; credit given to his imagination.He also keeps up with the current times when the male protagonist uses Google alert,GPS etc. Its like a place where conventional means and unconventional means go hand in hand(something innovative). The author also mentions how girls in India are forced to marry a person of their parents choice and how parents take this as their undeniable right to decide.There is a small chapter dedicated to this episode as well. He has bought in the limelight a few issues and barriers which prevail in the modern times in spite of many advancements.
I found the plot to be quite interesting. It is a well executed plot which includes a large part of reality of the system.  This book is a blend of social and political psyche in India.It's like the author depicts the reality with the aid of fiction. Only the end was a bit disappointing and too idealistic. The execution of the actual "revenge" at the end was a bit ambiguous and could have been more emphasized on and made interesting.
The Best Part:
Meticulous planning for intimidating the minister. Description is quite good.
Final word:
Good attempt by Rajesh K, recommended for readers of thrillers mainly because of the plot which touches reality.  We can very well relate to all written there and this is a plus point.

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