Present: A treasure

It is a gift for which breathing is the tax. It is a surprise for our senses. It brings about new experiences each time and believe it or not, it is a treat for those who know the value of it. Yes, I am talking about the treasure which is the most non-monetary expensive yet undervalued thing to possess, the present time.
Theoretically, everyone is aware of this but how many of us practically treasure the present? Some people either live in the past or the future. Unforgettable memories, planning for the future, anticipating the future events are some of the activities a man does in the present.
There is nothing wrong in such behavior because that is how we are, treasuring the past as if it were present today and building a future which is till date virtual.  While its not wrong to plan things, doing it excessively and forgetting that you are an entity with life meant to experience things in the present is flawed.
 All being said, the value of the present doesn't really seep in until you meet an experience which potentially limits your future plans or makes your past invalid.  These experiences are once in a lifetime and get etched in your memory. Lasting for seconds at times, they teach you some invaluable lessons which sets the yardstick straight for your future life. Such experiences are in numerous forms and they, for one, make you equally refreshing as the sluggishness induced by your past. This maybe in the form of entry of a new person in one's life who changes everything drastically, with whom you can connect and erase the marks which your past shamelessly left on you. This person is all what your past wasn't and gradually without much damage, the person manages to take you away from the scars which once shone in you. It also maybe in the form of an accident which you encountered unexpectedly but fortunately managed to survive against all odds. This makes you realize your own worth and how being alert in the present can do wonders. Such shocks, I must say gets you out of the rut of circular thinking which leads nowhere. It breaks the circumference of your thoughts and lets you explore the innumerable opportunities present in the 'present'(:p).

I am very well aware about the perplexities of human mind; until one doesn't experience certain things, it will never really seep in. However, the above blog is my attempt to convince my readers of the beauty of the present and how getting out of the circular thought process is of prime importance to enjoy life to the fullest.

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