The ambiguous relationship between maturity and age.

               "You are small and are not matured", these are the most common words uttered by a "matured" adult to anyone junior. There is an underlying assumption that increased maturity is only accounted for by the age of a person. I decided to give it a bit more thought rather than blindly accepting what people had to say.
        Though I do not deny the fact that maturity increases with age, but not in all cases.Quite frankly, sometimes I have this inherent feeling that these people throw barbs through such comments. When they have no explanation for something you just asked, you must immediately take note of the fact that they are matured and must cease enquiring further. Some smart people will aptly answer "Dear, you need to see this world to understand things". They will dismiss one's reasonable and sometimes logical opinion by uttering the same sentence. Now since the young budding guy/girl hasn't lived that amount of time, he/she has to
       We are victims to a 'generational understanding difference'. Our elders have lived a simple lives mostly, preferred to keep things uncomplicated and valued things more than we do. There is a lot of difference in thinking between the youth of today and a generation earlier. Partly I think, the difference in opinion arising out of these transitions may be at loggerheads. While we find ourselves pretty receptive to concepts, quick witted and quickly forgiving, they are all what we are not; atleast this is what is the line of thought. We dispose off things so quickly whilst the generation above is is still cherishing things they acquired that time. The generation earlier thinks of this generation to be callous, careless and daring. Since these attributes are associated with us, they have a feeling that we cannot take care of ourselves and that only they were born to live a life filled with dept and realisation.
       I find these assumptions to not be perfectly correct. The people of the earlier generation are prone to the habit of generalisation. Based on a few experiences here and there, they generalise everything and also relate to each person of the younger generation to be callous,careless and unnecessarily brazen. When we question the very basics of things which they follow, they are threatened and give out explanations which are highly abstract and does not address the issue.It's a diplomatic reply
       So, when such differences exist, people in power will always try to undermine the lower rung ones giving the number of years they lived as a reason for we not grasping things. I would also vehemently state that yes, experience is a good teacher but learning from someone else's experience is better.There are many things we can learn from you as also things which you can learn from us.Talking about experience, there are myriad things which younger generation of these days experience which you, at your time did not. So maybe, you also have things to learn. With time competition has increased manifold, relationships are made and broken faster. These all things give the younger generation a perspective which maybe you dont have.Though not all things are green, they nevertheless provide a perspective to judge things and add to our experience.
    With this blog, I appeal to all those to be clear to the younger generation by breaking all shackles of formal relationships and foster an open minded conversation.
Dear elders, enrich our lives by sharing your experiences with us so that history does not repeat itself as also we evolve in this journey of life.Let us not think about who is born before and after, for this cycle is an endless one and someday, even we will be elders.I say ,elders, make us respect you by your attitude by rationality and love. I have always respected people who have never openly forced me to respect them.There exists no border for thoughts, neither any personnel to defend it for thoughts are beyond the realm of all physical shackles. This world needs thoughts and rationality for peace and not brute force. On this note, let us open the floodgates and break all shackles.So adults, are you ready?


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