Mr/Ms Perfect??

       "So what do you know?? I know this part of this chapter, I know some part of this chapter and some of some other chapter". Are you the one who answers this way when asked what do you know?? Then I presume you have the partial knowledge of everything prima facie but are a master of none.It's just like i know everything but not everything of something. Having a partial knowledge I presume is something not recommended at all.
       There are some interesting things I encountered during my academic tenure. When i sit for vivas, I am asked the same question and when I say these chapters are currently in my domain of knowledge, the instant reply is.."only this much?"...well...all i tell them is that its better to know fewer things better than nothing at all. The problem doesn't end here, the next "best" thing to happen is the examiners stare  you with a grilling look to give us a jist of how moments could get worse for us having named the those chapters. Justifying the look mentioned, the examiners will ask you simple questions but what you recollect are some "stars" you drew in your book. Nevertheless the look on our face is the one of deep thought, the one which portrays going through the pages in our "picturesque" mind. We loose out maily because of the glaring look of the examiner even if the questions are easy. Finally we see the examiner with such sincerity which we may never ever have expressed to anyone in the entire semester. Our mind appeals only one thing indirectly "Please pass kardo yaar(please give us passing marks atleast)".Their answer is I cannot pass you.....

  Now the second case: I say I have skimmed(read but not very attentively) everything but not done anything perfectly. This is also a problem. When I have studied part A from a particular chapter, I am always asked questions from part B of that chapter. Then again after some grilling on the parts which I haven't studied they are back to square one i.e "What do you know?". Who will make them understand that all we knew were things from part A of a particular chapter. Again the look on our faces is the one of sincerity and the story goes on and on till the last year.
  So now, since one gets screwed both the ways, how to handle this??think...think..oh yes..speak something out..something or the other...make an attempt?? rather than blatantly telling them "i dont know?". Well, this seems a tad bit better but then this way too you are screwed.How?? the examiner will say "if you dont know anything admit it". Then again the same story begins..the look...picturesque memory..etc. We make an appealing expression portraying the desperation and frustration of everything and a humble request to them to pass.They have an answer directly.."I cannot pass you..."

    The pressure to be perfect will always be on us. The above stated scenarios are just an example on how the world expects us to be perfect. Not only this even if we are perfect, it must be on all fronts. Sometimes i feel like asking the examiners on "whether they expect us to be specialists or generalists"..what does the world want??...there are no answers to this question...even if the answers exist, they can just be an individual perspective and not a generalised and an applicable-to-all  answer. So folks, the world is highly dynamic and confusing, isn't it??


In pursuit of happiness

             Happiness, a topic much debated on and discussed on for the myriad definitions and perspectives it is having. The definitions can be a million but i would like to take this opportunity to discuss some. Before I start, may i ask what is happiness for you???is it buying a car???a new house???a future possibility of something good happening???or some past activity of yours???...well....let us find out..
           The definition of happiness differs from people to people. For some, happiness depends on the inner state of mind. Inner state of mind as in, by doing good to others, helping others and acting unselfish they find happiness. For them the outer materialistic things are just a part and parcel of life. In some aspects I feel they are right the only reason being materialistic things are temporary, as in they come grow old and are flushed out of life.  For instance the happiness of buying a computer is not very long lasting; after the initial excitement we often tend to get used to it and handle it as if it were a normal commodity. The above stated aspect is one thing I am unable to understand and that too inspite of knowing that a thing's importance will reduce, we are unable to 'reduce' the reduction of importance, isnt it strange?? The things we buy can be lost by us only to later realise they wont come back to us though we become attached to it. So in one way happiness doesn't totally apply to the materialistic things we buy.
        The same applies to relationships among people. When we make new friends, we have ample content to talk on and we are unable to keep a track of time especially when we find people with the same wavelength. As time passes though, these people are ingrained into our mind and there is nothing that special about them until and unless they leave us, we fight or we separate for various other reasons.So what is happiness here then??it lies in having such people throughout our lives...not caring about the distance which separates such people from us and always staying in touch. The happiness remains the same each time we talk to them; such people never grow old in our lives; they generate equal amount of alacrity each time we speak to them. People say time passes, but, I would say the joy of speaking to such people remains intact.
    Some of us wait for some or the other activity to be happy. For instance, when in school, one might think of going home and doing something more interesting than the indolence laden environment there. We pin our happiness to some activity of the future which cannot be vouched for its realization. We become happy imagining the rosy picture which lies in our "wonderlands". Same applies to our past; though it can be said to be a bit more reasonable. We think of the good things that have happened in the past and get charged up. Very well, but too much dependence on it and ignoring the present is what hits the most. What is happiness here then in this case????LIVE IN THE PRESENT. It is called PRESENT since each and every moment is a gift to our lives and we must cherish it and live it to our maximum rather then being dependent on other factors.
       So, all my blog friends, its high time, we redefined "happiness" in our lives to the present(gift) which we are having. The more i find myself writing about this topic, the lesser seems the content. I still state that happiness is a topic which cannot be defined by a single perspective at all.Well, friends for every other thing in life we have to pay a cost be it money,any sacrifice etc. but happiness is a thing which can be free of cost depending on what your thoughts are. All the points I stated above were nothing but a tinge of water amidst an ocean. Finally i would end this blog on a quote:

"True happiness is... to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future."
Lucius Annaeus Senec


   Well, digitionships??seems weird?? you message your friend more than you talk with him/her in person ??then you might be having a good digitionship i.e Digital relationship. Mobiles and computers have become the paramount means of talking to people along with other traditional means. It can be said to be to our benefit but when used as a complementary means of staying in touch with people.
    People will "make-up" and "break-up" using  digital gadgets. Here's a sample conversation:
Boy: I am calling it off.
Girl: Oh..y?
Boy: I am absolutely unsure of what I want.
Girl: Okay..your wish.
(and the conversation ends)
The conversations have become so shallow and superficial and so have the relationships.When relationships are precarious, digital media is not a good means to communicate since results can be catastrophic. People are hardly able to see what the other person is actually feeling or willing to express. What one misses out is the reception of emotions. How could that happen when we are unable to see that person, his gestures, his willingness/unwillingness. People break relationships so easily as if it were some commodity to be purchased and thrown after using for some cost. I am not that experienced to comment as a fatherly figure but have got the understanding to value any relationship in my life. When I see such things happening, I am dismayed that people have also accepted to live with the shallowness; the intensity of "hurt" is risen but equally declining is the value of "hurt" in people.
   Marriages, the sacred bond, have surely not remained untouched by digital communication. One of the positives being the presence of numerous sites which help find the right partner. Though it's not hard to imagine that someday, due to scarcity of time, marriages will turn digital. People will use video calling facilities to see each other and use digital Garlands. Softwares for completion of marriages with all the rituals will come into existence.I imagine this software to contain something called as"marriage-box"(like toolbox) which contain various elements like garlands,the ring etc which are essential for marriages Digital marriage certificates will come into existence and there might be companies which will issue these certificates. If the marriages become digital, all I could hope and wish is that God also make our existence digital(birth and death) to complete the "digital" drive.

    All my blog readers out there, let only my views here remain digital but let the meaning of it cross the digital boundaries into the paradise of your thoughts to create a difference. I just hope that people realise the obsession they have with digital gadgets which later results in "digitionships". Lastly,a humble request to the readers to get out of the four walls, meet people and give "relationships"(in person interaction) more priority than "digitionships" because come what may "emotions" and "relationships" can never be "digitised".


       So, you are an emotional guy/girl. The cliched statement "You are very emotional" has become so banal. We know so many advantages of being sentimental and emotional but sometimes it is to our discredit. Emotions, I believe are basically scalars, something without a direction(as in they are unreasonable sometimes) and something unfathomable. Its not surprising that most of the times there is always a staunch disagreement between emotions and our mind. Our mind works on logic while emotions have no such thing as logic.
    Emotions have a strong force of cohesion i.e their fragments are strongly connected. They strike us badly when we bid adieu to near and dear ones. For instance when we leave our mom to go to work outside,  taking with us 20 years of cherishable moments spent with her, having lived under the shade of her motherly love.All of a sudden we realize that she will no longer be with us to be a part of our daily lives often seen combing our hair, leveling the excess powder we applied to our face, ironing our t-shirts,cleaning up the grandiose mess we leave behind after doing some job sometimes of a small magnitude though. Most importantly, the scolding we get for all the mess we created is dearly missed.We often rebuke to the scolding we get in the heat of the moment but sooner realise  what it actually meant and also that it was for our own good. The same applies to all our near and dear ones but with the respective activities they do. All I stated above seems very optimistic and have a feel-good factor to any third person. Its difficult though when one experiences it and has to accept the same. With time though, we gradually get used to it and then adapt to the new environment.

   Some people ask me the difference between a life with emotions and the one without emotions when I present them this view. All I tell them is that the difference is the same as the one between a black and white tv and a colour tv. Emotions are those sensations which make life worth living and make life colourful.The depressions are sensations which make us realise that something went wrong and ecstasies makes realise that something we did just was good enough to celebrate. I also staunchly believe that robots can never have the human intelligence until they "feel" things and possess dynamic emotions. Having said this, its quite evident that emotions make us complete humans.
     They are the reason why some broken relations are still existent somewhere, that some sort of memory always remains.This memory causes a lot of turmoil. Even in a simple relationship as friendship, a lot of emotions are involved and when that is broken though for the good, the pain is generated, the pain of separation, the pain of having been somehow subjected to unjustifiable behavior,deceit is what remains. Since emotions are logic deprived, although we know that a relationship cannot materialise, we often somehow imagine it to be working, an imagination which can hardly be a reality, an imagination which causes a person to even see through an opaque future. Such is the disgrace of emotions that a person looses control over himself, his/her mind only to see it being shattered by someone who was a pal of yours, now, has gone ahead in life for his/her own interests.Sometimes, when nostalgia strikes, day and night we think about the pleasant time spent with the person without even knowing whether the other person is thinking about you or not. I personally feel that the consequences of hurting someone is something which is accounted for and paid by the sinner in all cases.
  Having said all this, I would coin emotions as a powerful weakness. When we are unable to adapt to the situation and accept things which are not meant to be, they are a hinderance and a reason for unjustified things in life. It is such an unique and precious resource that we must not waste behind everyone and nurture it for it to be devoted to the deserving people. I am pretty fortunate to have such people in my life now as friends and there exists this "wireless" but powerful bond called "emotions"