Always for you, Mom and Dad!

             Do you all remember the days when you couldn't walk by yourself but trying to take your first few steps? Do you all remember the days when your fear for a particular thing would vanish with the motivational talks given by your father/mother?Do you all remember the days when you passed your first board exams??Do you remember the day when you got your first job?
      All the situations I mentioned above is what all of us remember. We remember how we reacted in those situations. What we sometimes forget or rather fail to acknowledge is the role of parents and their reactions in our achievements. More than us, they are happy for our achievements but their happiness often fades away in our lives. We are always busy informing our best buddies, loved ones(if any..:p). Getting a job was the most recent thing which happened and I still observe the happiness my parents portray for that. Going a bit back in the timeline of life, I remember the anxiety I had a day before my CET (entrance for engineering).  They were the ones who fueled my spirits when I needed it the most. Today, with God's grace and with my parents blessings, I am on the verge of completing engineering from a renowned institution.These are just a few events I mentioned and there are myriad number of them.
      I have in the past spoken about relationships and expectations. Would you all like to know the relationship which is the purest? A parent-child relationship, according to me is made from a womb where we are not yet "blessed" with any brain to get manipulative. We are at our modest best. Leave a small kid in the crowd and all you can hear him/her screeching for is his/her parents and not anyone else; irrespective of whether he/she gets manipulative later on in his.her life. Their rebukes have a huge component of love hidden in them. The love which reminds us of the righteous path we must take in life. As I mentioned in my previous article, the world is laden with illusions(Maya) which we are not able to make out sometimes. They guide us through to tackle all such illusions.
   Today, I see people telling me they need someone to love them, care for them. For that very moment I often self-talk "Oh, come on what is wrong with you, you have your parents, have you forgotten them??".  I again take this opportunity to emphasize on the point that people/objects which are the closest to us often loose value with time. This is a matter of grief. There shouldn't be any resistance or lack of excitement for new things or entry of new people in life but it is of much harm when that leads to deterioration in the value or ignorance of the old and near and dear ones. Keeping this aspect in mind, the worst condition that is seen today is leaving one's parents in an old age home against their wishes and thinking of them as a "load" in one's life. For one moment if we imagine the care, the relentless efforts they put to make us stand on our own feet, we will keep such thoughts out of our mind keep aside doing such things!
    For once one can imagine a loved one/friend leave but the ones who are always with you for whatever you are and will be are your parents.I have seen relationships where either of the person is ready to break the friendship for some or the other habit of other person. In case of our parents, they never talk of leaving on such issues which is why they love us unconditionally. When we fight with them, we do not need to have the fear of loosing them. We can be "ourselves" with our parents for rest all relationships we need to really be careful before things go out of our hands and the relationship ends.
   Today, I want to thank them for all that they have done for me, the sacrifices they have made for me. My heart is overwhelmed with emotions as I write this article. From sacrificing an ice-cream in our childhood to sacrificing their own fancy needs to satisfy our needs which are sometimes unworthy but valued more than their needs, they are the epitome of sacrificial behaviour. I am running out of words as I wish more and more to describe about them. The best gift of life is having your parents stand by you during all your problems as well as successes.My heart today reaches out to those who are deprived of parental love.Maybe I wont be able to imagine their plight.
   Dad and Mom, you  have been an inspiration to me and will be always valued and respected come what may.....always for and dad.

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