The world, as I(would like to) see it.

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Umpteen number of times, we have seen ourselves cribbing over so many issues in this world. In the heat of the moment, we often crib, 'gosh, what if the world was like this...  '. Yes, you might have guessed it already. I  are talking about utopian situations. Wow, just imagine what we subconsciously said would come true? Before I take this topic head on, why the title has brackets? I hope you'll be able to figure out by the end of this article all by yourself!
         Guys, before we try to make this world perfect, free of poverty, free of evil, free of all the situations which are unpleasant. Let me ask you one thing, if everything is perfectly fine? what will you do? if there is no poverty, no hunger, what are you driven by? Do you have any driving force? You have already created a situation which is the driving force for many to earn and achieve in life. No friends, if we ask for situations as this, world would be more misearble.
         Next, talking about diseases, my utopian world would just comprise of all the diseases with a little less pain. Even to an onlooker, the sight of the diseased crying for help is grandiosely painful.
Now some of you would ask me, why not eradicate diseases? Yes, I would love to but it should be by our efforts, reasearch. it should not come like any wish out of the blue. To sum up, my utopian world would be a world free of diseases but not any pain-free disease. "Pain" is something which makes ur realise the importance of what we just got cured of. What we, as a humankind have successfully managed to eradicate as a result of our efforts and not any magic.
         In the field of education, I would see a world which is free of gender bias/any other bias. By this I exactly mean, there should be no reservations for any gender/other criteria. I am tired of seeing quotas here and there. People with disabilities deserve it but those who are healthy must find themselves a place on virtue of their merit and not any particular quota. Everybody has a right to education and a right to be in a premier institute on the basis of their merit and not because of gender or any other criteria which gives them an advantage.
          My last wish is that everybody work to the highest of their potential. Today, I see that myriad number of people are busy in playing mindless games and climbing up the ladder. Of 100 people, hardly 25 people are working diligently and the world is running on such people. Just imagine that all 100 worked? The productivity would be stupendous. Overpopulated countries would no longer crib as each person would be productive and somehow needs could be met. There would hardly be any people who would like to sit and eat for free or undeserving credits. I believe that majority of the issues would be solved.
       Well guys,you might wonder? What is so utopian in what all I asked. They are nothing but an enhancement of the current situations in a minor way. So, the moral of the story is that the utopain situations are nothing but something very close by. We just overrate things and imagine a world which would be harmful for ourselves in some way or the other.
         According to the Hindu mythology, three yugas have passed and the we are living in the fourth one. World has already been remade three times and this cycle will go on. All we need to do is enhance our present to reach the 'utopian world'.
P.S: Hope you understood the purpose of brackets, its because the world as I would like to see and the one I am seeing are not that far apart..:)


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               These words "sad","sadism" has so much of negativity in it. Even when I hear them, it makes me emotionally nauseatic. The worst part is that such people cannot be avoided(difficult to detect). These people are so damaging that they try their best to rip you apart emotionally. My observation has been that sadistic people can never think good about the people who matter the most in their life as well. They find pleasure in their partner craving for support from them, in portraying their partner as the accused in all the bad things done to them, roaming about freely garnering sympathy and love from all other people but his/her partner. Let me narrate a short fictional story supporting all the above claims.
                 Jack and Tim were two good friends. They became very close to each other in their engineering college days. Similar conditions, similar upbringing were the two factors which united them. Their taste for music was another uniting point. In the second quarter of the first year, their bond was as strong as it could get. Tim was in a relationship since a year or so and jack would be very happy at this and always ask him about his experiences.Tim would talk more about  the negative aspects and would complain about issues which gravely concerned him. It so happened that 'Jina', Tim's girlfriend landed up in the same class as Jack and Tim.
                 The very first impressions of Jina was very encouraging to Jack. He thought her to be a great person with good values inculcated. In real senses she was the greatest sadist person he could ever meet. Often she would complain about Tim and his compulsive behaviour which would make Jack wonder about his good friend's character. She tried her best to get close with Jack owing to his nature portraying Tim as the villan of the whole episode and experience of him in her life. The worst part would be that Tim would scold her in front Jack and that would warrant Jina's claims even more. The reality was that not all the claims which Jina had made were true. She was just a sadist trying to seek the attention and sympathy of others around so that Tim could be cornered at the right time by everyone.
                 One fine day, Jack, being misled by Jina's accusations on his good friend, confronted him and had a heated conversation. Seldom did they know that Jina was a sadist was silently enjoying seeing this. Actually Jack and Tim were two fools who were fighting for a person who never thought out of her confines; who would side with a person she found 'profitable' and would like to keep all her options open. Do sadists have true feelings? I dont think so, their feelings are also driven by motives and attention-seeking behaviour.  Tim and Jack separated out and were no longer in talking conditions. Tim, was however drenched in feelings for Jina so he couldn't leave her. In the whole scenario, Tim was either blind because of his feelings or was selfish himself to separate out with Jack and siding with a sadist.
                    Jina meanwhile was enjoying the romance with Tim and a the sametime she could see that Jack was truly in a sorrowful state on the incidents which had happened. She was "happy" that there were two guys fighting for her.Once when she met Jack outside college she had even said, "Why are you leaving, by doing so you are giving the other one an opportuity to get close." Can you imagine this?Her plight was such that she couldnt se two friends split because of her insanity but she wanted to enjoy the play of seperation more by such inciting dialogues.
         Once Jack and Tim decided to meet and sort issues. Finally, they both realised that they fought over a devil, a sadist. They even agreed that they endured turmoil for the most worthless a human being. The worst part is that, the damage was such that both lost trust over each other. It was too late, because of mistrust each one would doubt his equation with Jina.
    Jack found Jina to be characterless by her actions, being with someone else, she would silently try to forge very strong ties with someone outside, she never cared about anyone else except herself.
It is better to be beware of sadists than getting trapped by their sweet talks and misleading accusations to garner sympathy.Jack and Tim have been separated, but the sadist roams about freely having destroyed everything in her path!


What is inside you?


         Hello everyone, how are you all doing?Hope things are green on your side.
         So the next question I came across is what is inside me? Is it anger, love, hatred,enmity?People might say its a mixture of all and depends on the circumstances. When the circumstances are bad, some negative feelings preside over the positive ones and when the surroundings are encouraging and uplifting, we are at our positive best and may speak bombastically of various concepts like "optimism in life"etc.
             Having said this, now I wonder on whether the negative situations can be handled in a positive manner? Whether there can be enhancements in the way we tackle darker things of life? To Throw more light on this I will share with you all a small paragraph and then elucidate on it later:

'If I were to squeeze this orange as hard as I could, what would come out?' I asked him.
He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said, 'Juice, of course.'
'Do you think apple juice could come out of it?'
'No!' he laughed.
'What about grapefruit juice?'
'What would come out of it?'
'Orange juice, of course.'
'Why? Why when you squeeze an orange does orange juice come out?'
He may have been getting a little exasperated with me at this point. 'Well, it's an orange and that's what's inside."
I nodded. 'Let's assume that this orange isn't an orange, but it's you. And someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, says something you don't like, offends you. And out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, fear. Why? The answer, as our young friend has told us, is because that's what's inside.'
It's one of the great lessons of life. What comes out when life squeezes you? When someone hurts or offends you? If an ger, pain and fear come out of you, it's because that's what's inside. It doesn't matter who does the squeezing: your mother, your brother, your children, your boss, the government. If someone says something about you that you don't like, what comes out of you is what's inside. And what's inside is up to you, it's your choice.
When someone puts the pressure on you and out of you comes anything othe than love, it's because that's what you've allowed to be inside. Once you take away all those negative things you don't want in your life and replace them with love, you'll find yourself living a highly functioning life."
-- Wayne Dyer --

It's a thought provoking article isn't it?When we squeeze an orange what do we get out of it? It can be nothing but orange juice. The orange might be under tumultous pressure when it is carried from the orchards to the point of sale, later humans squeeze it, rip its skin apart and then eat it. In this whole process, does the orange change its flavour? Does it's juice become sour?Inspite of all this, its as it is in its purest form. We can say we may have altered its normal growth by using chemicals etc. Come what may, in whatever situation, even during its death(analogy between human death and an orange being consumed).
The above stated scenario is something ideal but there are a lot of things to take from it. Firstly, resistance; inspite of the kind of adversities it faces, it is still the same. We, obviously cannot be like that, for reasons more than one. If we learn to endure more, we can survive and be successful in our endeavours.  For an example, consider yourself relocated to another place far away from your house. Our home is the most cosy place on earth(though we realise it after our exodus). All the basic necessities are actually 'basic' and when we venture out, in the initial days atleast these things are a challenge. Edible substances may be a kilometer or two away and daily what was served to us in hand now lies at a distance of a kilometer. People are new, we feel as if we have landed at the wrong place. We feel totally bad about the whole activity of relocation which we just accepted for a better prospect. We are pulled back strongly by memories to go where we came from. At such times, if we loose our cool, we loose that opportunity. In this case there  is a lot to learn from the "orange". We just need to keep our calm and keep going, decrease our resistance towards new things and increase our acceptance.
    I got a very interesting point which counters this concept in a way. I'd take the pleasure to put it forward here
"An orange cannot feel pain, anger, depression etc when it is being squeezed. An orange cannot set its mind to resist the squeeze at all costs. It does not have a survival instinct kicking in when it is being reduced to a pulp. A human can do all that. The reaction to life's pinch is a factor of a person's background, history and state of mind. When an act of God razes one's entire familial footprint to the ground, you think love is what will come out? and compassion? and fortitude? Some times, its a question of your composure. But most times, its a question of your surroundings."
A very apt point made there.  Well, the conditions  mentioned above are responsible for all the negative feelings to creep in. But, when we go with this mindset, we increase our elasticity and resist more. To add to this point,  an orange does not experience a feeling of"positivity" or "negativity". Its only for Humans to experience and with a positive mindset we can just try to avoid all negative emotions like anger,following pain etc...sometimes even better than what an orange does.

So, what do you think? Should we be like the orange?