The ambiguous relationship between maturity and age.

               "You are small and are not matured", these are the most common words uttered by a "matured" adult to anyone junior. There is an underlying assumption that increased maturity is only accounted for by the age of a person. I decided to give it a bit more thought rather than blindly accepting what people had to say.
        Though I do not deny the fact that maturity increases with age, but not in all cases.Quite frankly, sometimes I have this inherent feeling that these people throw barbs through such comments. When they have no explanation for something you just asked, you must immediately take note of the fact that they are matured and must cease enquiring further. Some smart people will aptly answer "Dear, you need to see this world to understand things". They will dismiss one's reasonable and sometimes logical opinion by uttering the same sentence. Now since the young budding guy/girl hasn't lived that amount of time, he/she has to
       We are victims to a 'generational understanding difference'. Our elders have lived a simple lives mostly, preferred to keep things uncomplicated and valued things more than we do. There is a lot of difference in thinking between the youth of today and a generation earlier. Partly I think, the difference in opinion arising out of these transitions may be at loggerheads. While we find ourselves pretty receptive to concepts, quick witted and quickly forgiving, they are all what we are not; atleast this is what is the line of thought. We dispose off things so quickly whilst the generation above is is still cherishing things they acquired that time. The generation earlier thinks of this generation to be callous, careless and daring. Since these attributes are associated with us, they have a feeling that we cannot take care of ourselves and that only they were born to live a life filled with dept and realisation.
       I find these assumptions to not be perfectly correct. The people of the earlier generation are prone to the habit of generalisation. Based on a few experiences here and there, they generalise everything and also relate to each person of the younger generation to be callous,careless and unnecessarily brazen. When we question the very basics of things which they follow, they are threatened and give out explanations which are highly abstract and does not address the issue.It's a diplomatic reply
       So, when such differences exist, people in power will always try to undermine the lower rung ones giving the number of years they lived as a reason for we not grasping things. I would also vehemently state that yes, experience is a good teacher but learning from someone else's experience is better.There are many things we can learn from you as also things which you can learn from us.Talking about experience, there are myriad things which younger generation of these days experience which you, at your time did not. So maybe, you also have things to learn. With time competition has increased manifold, relationships are made and broken faster. These all things give the younger generation a perspective which maybe you dont have.Though not all things are green, they nevertheless provide a perspective to judge things and add to our experience.
    With this blog, I appeal to all those to be clear to the younger generation by breaking all shackles of formal relationships and foster an open minded conversation.
Dear elders, enrich our lives by sharing your experiences with us so that history does not repeat itself as also we evolve in this journey of life.Let us not think about who is born before and after, for this cycle is an endless one and someday, even we will be elders.I say ,elders, make us respect you by your attitude by rationality and love. I have always respected people who have never openly forced me to respect them.There exists no border for thoughts, neither any personnel to defend it for thoughts are beyond the realm of all physical shackles. This world needs thoughts and rationality for peace and not brute force. On this note, let us open the floodgates and break all shackles.So adults, are you ready?



      " Conflagrating forests, starving friends,mass destruction; many of my friends were bludgeoned to death. He brought me to a house which had four walls. A restricted area; these "people" prefer themselves to be engulfed by the walls they build on their own. They call my house a kennel. They fascinatingly coin a term for just everything so that they could blurt it out when amongst other people to show their knowledge. My owner had taken me to a party once and there he was apparently ranting about all the complexities involved in keeping me alive and the associated expenses. Well, Mr Owner, do you know how much expensive it is to the nature to hold you? These people are the greatest irony, they want restricted areas to live but unrestricted imagination,ultimate security for themselves at the cost of insecurity of a many, want to be titled the most intelligent creatures of this earth but doing insane acts like devaluing emotions, they create huge structures but small hearts.
    You might wonder why am I on a tirade mode today. While I tell you I might be breathing the last few breaths of my life, I just hope Ill be able to complete."

    "Servitude had been always been in my veins. mind you servitude with loyalty of the purest form.Once he took me to the beach near my house. They have intelligently coined a term for this too named it after some human as if they were the owners of everything. They forget that this world is cohabited with so many creatures far greater than the population of theirs. They want dominance. Anyways,coming back to my point, he took me there and promised to come back to me after running an errand. Guess what, he never came back, he left me languishing there at the mercy of the tides which struck black and blue. It was a rainy day and I somehow managed and slipped my feet out of that place. I was a well groomed dog with bushy hair and wonderful eyes; it made me wonder, have humans lost respect for beauty? the object which they persuade for all the pleasures they desire? Freedom of speech is what they sponsor but when I barked in the night in one of the streets helplessly making an appeal to my master to come back, I was subject to tyranny.You play music at night loudly its okay, cant I be expressive and call out to my master? They injected me with some chemical and made me unconscious. As  they took me to a "hospital", someone blurted "What a nuisance, but because these creatures exist we are having our job". I couldn't believe it, the cheap mentality they have.They seem to be the epitome of selfishness. Look at me, I, notwithstanding the jeopardy to my life,  serve my master ready to even fight a tiger knowing that I am bound to loose. Will he do that for me?"
       "Said enough? well, yes..I dont think what these people are upto is intelligence in any they left me deserted and at the mercy of God, one day, in one birth, their soul will experience the same and then they will come to know the grief which one has to undergo.", as he said all this, he passed away and the doctors failed in their half hearted attempt to save him.The doctors tried only because they were bound by some law of the land against cruelty "but who is bothered, arent so many humans loosing their lives, we arent able to save them, why to save dogs?"said one doctor and got back to his work.
Ever imagined what animals could have told us? If we have violence, lack of peace as our problems being from the same race, they have greater things to rant about. We must let everyone have their space in life. Let us keep upto our intelligence and contribute to the well being of those wonderful souls out there.

I would like to end this blog on a quote
"Save a life, be it human or any other for the soul that lives is nothing but the energy which is oblivious to the form"
/*on a lighter note, excuse the grammatical errors, its a dog's speech afterall..:p*/
Good day to all of you!

The Last Wish

             Ryan was a singing prodigy.At the age of 7 his baritones would be the most melodious. He belonged to a middle class family and his father was a normal 9-5 office goer.  "Dad, cant we raise ourselves above this banal job. How do you work, I can hardly manage to be a witness to what you do"said Ryan, to this his father would reply "Son, my life has passed in this manner. I think God has given us enough to eat and sleep and we must be thankful for these instead of cribbing about what we dont have." Ryan was a believer of this thought 'We are only limited by the limits we set' and quite lugubriously he would discard his father's contentedness with such a life.
      Inspite of differences in opinion, Ryan always adored his father. He always looked upto him for advice, his dad was a role model for him. He had often heard people saying,  "Your dad is a great learned man and and so many of us look upto him for advises". This nourished Ryan's respect for his dad. He would inform his dad about all the accolades he always got. In class 7, he won the first prize in singing in the state level.Later on, in class 10, he got an offer for playback singing for a film. He would often be dismayed that his dad would never truly appreciate and consolidate for his achievements. This pinched him and he lay bare and incomplete albeit with all the achievements he had. He was never totally contended.
      Ryan often went out with his father for many social gatherings. There they met myriad people and he noticed one peculiar thing. His dad would be the one who showered numerous adjectives in praise of his friends whose achievements were not that great as his. He was always dismayed at all he saw. He would be pensive and  wondered "Why doesn't dad praise me and why is he so extrovert in this aspect with others." He felt wretched and shed tears but to no avail.He neither wanted to ask his dad and then superficially and forcefully gain praises from him. He wanted his dad to be open to him from his heart.
      Time passed by, but his expectations always remained unfulfilled. He became a great playback singer and was approached for majority of films for his melodious voice. He was adulated by many but none of them ever bought him the boundless joy which he wanted to experience.He had all the success and money to his credit. He rose above banality and did something which got him and his family fame. His father would be accosted by random people to shower praises about his son. What his father replied was a mystery for him.
    Ryan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 34 and doctors had already surrendered him to the mercy of Lord. When he lay at the hospital, his dad came to him and said,
 "Son, it is a matter of greatest disgrace for a father to see his son give up his life infront of his eyes.I remember the days when you took your first steps.My elation knew no bounds when you won a playback offer in 10th grade.I remember how I scolded you to study well and my little genius managed everything perfectly.Now, I remember the days when I admonished you for small things; I dont regret that for these admonitions never let you stray from your path. but it makes me nostalgic.I considered myself to be stone hearted but this day I lay bare with emotions. Dear, you have melted the stone in me. You know, when people accost me anywhere, they address me as Ryan's father. Tell me dear son, what could a father demand more from a son. Its a matter of pride my dear, you have done what I could never do. Son, I am proud of you. "
(after this long speech his father started was like he somehow managed his fluid speech to convey whatever he had to)
"Daddy, daddy......."Ryan was panting and he had to be urgently taken to the ICU. "Sir he is in a critical condition", blurted one of the doctors.Ryan held his breath till he could see his dad for one moment and complete his words. He requested the doctors to call his dad inside and they did so.
"Dad all these years, inspite of my achievements, I always had a sense of incompleteness. The whole world adulated me for my talent and skills but I only wanted one person to shower praises for feeling happy and contended to the fullest. I always craved for your praises and encouragement and today when I am in the arms of death I seem to be getting"Ryan was on the cliff of loosing his life"Thank you my...MY LAST WISH". On that terrible night which his father never forgot, Ryan had been launched into eternity.
     One fine day,in the quest to find his son in the stars, his father gazed above in the sky and spotted one bright star and said "Son, I wanted you to keep going all way and not become stagnant by the praises which I could have given. I hope you understand"..the star twinkled...   


                 "I am Maya" were the first words Rakesh had heard from her. In a class of 40, he found her to be a bit different from others. In what way, he himself could not fathom. Rakesh had only known that women were  "different kind" of beings than men in that they had long hair and often had some adjective called "beautiful" associated with them. He was pretty innocent, being in standard 9.
            Maya too had a similar reaction like him. While he was introducing himself, he became the victim of Maya's unflickering stare.He did not know about this . Both of them were in oblivion regarding their feelings towards each other(it was still nascent).  Rakesh and Maya could not fathom  this alien link which they shared.Nevertheless, they enjoyed this world of acknowledged silence. In their silence lay tons of messages yet to be decoded.
       They matched gazes and stole glances at each other increasingly with time. They had a wish to be inconspicuous to the whole world but still conspicuous w.r.t each other.
   One year passed by in similar fashion and nothing had changed. Words were not given its due importance to their relationship yet. Rakesh was hesitant even to go and talk to her. Maya was tired of these things but at the same time wanted to be expressive about this to her friends. One fine day she blushed in front of her friends when they took his name. She inadvertently said , "I and Rakesh are committed". She learnt this from one of her elder siblings who would often talk about commitment and marriage. When she heard her sister say this she could somehow feel good about Rakesh taking the place of the man she wants to get committed to.
     Maya's unrequited commitment statement was something which even Rakesh did not know. Rakesh was taken aback when one of their mutual friends pulled his leg by stating what Maya had told her friends. He did not respond to this comment and only expressed his oblivion regarding this. Perhaps, he was feeling elated from inside that someone liked him that way but he hadn't realised what it actually is. He just wanted to avoid all "this".
   Then came standard XI, where people face a paradime shift from school life to college life.Rakesh had tacitly hoped that Maya would not be a part of this college for them to match gazes and steal glances at each other. Perhaps he did not want to acknowledge his abstract emotions or his feelings were yet too immature to understand all this. Some part of him clearly asserted that she be away from this college for the better.
    He was confidently striding towards the gate of his college when he saw her entering with him. The gate was narrow so he could clearly make out who she was even in the foggy atmosphere. It was Maya and now he was in an uncomfortable position and clearly did not know whether to greet her or not. He somehow did not want to acknowledge her presence. She too had similar thoughts. She was feeling her heart-beats rising and the better of her asked her to keep words at bay. "Why did she come here man", Rakesh told one of his friends."Don't worry Rakesh, Just a matter of two years. Just don't pay much attention and do your job"blurted one of his friends.

      They were placed in different classes and that put Rakesh at ease. It made things difficult for Maya because she always wanted to see him once in a while. She managed to make some friends in Rakesh's class and somehow managed to give her eyes a feast atleast once by dropping by his class during lunch breaks. Rakesh would gush out of the class when he noticed her.
    Two years passed by and they never crossed their ways after junior college. One fine day, one of their mutual friends informed Rakesh about her tying the nuptial knot with some guy. Rakesh was happy that this happened but he still wasnt sure about his own feelings all these years. What was it that lay unexpressed all the time?