MayaJaal:an illusional beauty

      To start with, by maya I mean illusion as mentioned in the title and Jaal(in hindi) means trap .
      It is said that the world is an illusion. We get lured by some things which actually are just made to appear perfect, crafted beautifully but inside lies the reality.Even in great mythologies, maya was used to lure and create a delusion to achieve goals but for good purposes. In this age too I believe it is very much there, the only thing is we are so busy with work, that we hardly fail to notice this delusion. Sometimes, we get trapped in it and we feel helpless not able to come out of it. I believe if we realise that this is a trap, coming out of it is not as difficult.
      I term it beautiful because it is often attractive and enticing. From a distance, we may feel that getting it is the best thing to happen and can lead to satisfaction and complacency. Let us take a very good common life example. We must have seen gadgets which are packed very nicely and some which are poorly packed. Which one do you find more attractive??it obviously has to be the nicely packed one. I would call this a maya..its because we are lured looking at the packing of the gadgets and not the actual gadget inside. Irrespective of the quality of the gadget inside, we first examine the one which has been packaged nicely.It may happen that its just the packing of the gadget which is done beautifully and the actual gadget is not of a good quality.
      Maya is everything which deviates us from our goal. It can take any form, just any. It is Maya which makes a person lured to another just because of his/her beauty. Beauty is just an outer appearance and we all know how deceptive appearances can be many times. When relationships are solely based on this, terrible consequences follow.Its such a 'powerful' weak string that it binds some with an illusion lifelong that things can ever workout. There is no base but just a feeling that will make you contended that things might just work out the way you want. The worst of all that could happen is that getting trapped in these things inspite of knowing that it is a trap.
   I would also term money as Maya. Sometimes we are in the tight grips of 'misery'(actually speaking) that no amount of money earned ever satisfies us and our needs. The more we seem to get, the lesser we seem to have. Money now leads to buying all sorts of wordly objects of secondary interest. These objects never keep us happy throughout but for a short period of time. It is hence rightly said "Money can buy you everything except happiness". Ever wondered why???its only because fundamentally our happiness doesn't lie in such things. We are born here for a greater cause to serve others, to help others and basically to make use of the "rationality" bestowed to us by the Almighty.
    So, as we discussed Maya defies all logic. It forms an illusionary passage whereby we unknowingly surpass all our basic instincts.So, the next  we can ponder upon is why has Maya been created...??any answers..??I personally think it is to test your depth of your thoughts and control over senses. On getting lured, we forget the purpose of our life and sometimes the basic principles of humanity as discussed earlier. According to me, Maya makes one experience Heaven in Hell but this doesnt last forever. One fine day when we come out of its clutches, we realise the oblivion to reality which we have been missing for so much time.
     To sum up, never get trapped by outer looks. Things beautifully crafted from outside may contain the worst inner environment. I would appeal all my blog readers to free themselves from the exasperating clutches of Maya. Its claws are such that even after leaving it you may feel frustrated,angry but still craving for more. That is the time when you must control yourself and never give it another chance because the same thing will surely follow.

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