To feel the onset of the "end".

         Every journey, including life has an associated timeline with it. When we start any journey, we are hit by anxiety. I began my engineering life on August 23,2010. The very first day of my college was just awesome. I still remember physics was the first lecture I attended and concentration at that time was at its best. It's been 4 years now and still these memories haven't faded.
       After 10 years of school life and 2 years of junior college life i was all set for this engineering life. With much expectations, I traveled by Mumbai local to my college's location. Since I wasn't used to travel by the local train , I had a friend to accompany me on my first day. On the morning of August 23, when i tried to enter into the college, I was stopped by the watchman demanding a proof of I being in this college(I wondered, on the first day itself the college tried to disown me..but was wrong though..:). After some fuss, I was let in. In a huge campus of my college, I was a lone wanderer like many others who were there with me. Two buildings and not knowing which building housed my class. Being in a group always helps and finally after some brute force method of search, we found our class. The professor who was teaching physics was a thin person, bald to some extent. The whole class was silent when I entered, engrossed in what the professor was teaching.
   Following the lecture, we had a break of 45 minutes. On the first day itself, I was a bit tensed as to how I would interact with my seniors. However, everything went off well with the seniors. After two lectures passed in a similar sense, we had a practical session. Here we were asked to work in a group of two. I worked with a guy there who had a chilled attitude towards life. I was pretty much indifferent towards bunking lectures owing to my school days and sincere attitude. We often bunked and to beat my tiredness I would come home and sleep again(though now bunking is associated with activities other than sleeping for me).I often remember bunking on Wednesday's after my practical session would get over. Unfortunately, this guy moved on to some other college. I still remember the times I spent with him, we enjoyed a lot.
   He left, but I met people who have added value to my life later on and today I am glad to have such people in my life. To sum up, i sensed a feel-good factor on the first day of my college and I felt I will do something useful in these years, develop myself, work on interesting things and I am happy today that I have done it all.
  I just thought of expressing about my first day today because I got nostalgic thinking about how that day was. Currently, hardly a month remains for this journey to end. My experiences have been mixed and I am sensing emotional beats increasing in my heart as the end nears. Today, I feel.....the onset of the end has begun.....

"“The end is in the beginning and lies far ahead."
-Ralph Ellison

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