1st blogiversary.

      So, dear friends, it has been a year long journey of writing on this platform.I started blogging on April 30,2013. Blogging has been a very soothing outlet for me for my issues in life.
       In January 2013, I wasn't even aware about the various platforms hosting blogs and the concept of blogging. I had a notion that bloggers were some people who were stalwarts or people who have established themselves who air their views for their followers and fans to read(this notion is quite hilarious for me too now). I later on realised that one need not necessarily be a big shot or a stalwart to be a blogger. Simple people also blog by airing their views and garner a lot of appreciation.This provided me an impetus to start blogging.
    If you all would have read my very first article, I had mentioned that various problems in my life had compelled me to pick up a pen and paper and use words as a medium to vent out my thoughts. Though I have mildly criticised my experiences in my blog, I feel I have successfully made myself feel lighter by doing so. Really, my laptop's keyboard and screen have been patient enough to take my words. My screen's unflickering support has led me to publish 27 posts and many in making still. However, I only blog about the issues which touch me to the core; I do not focus on just increasing my blog post count.
    Blogging, as an experience, has been wonderful. I have grown as a person here interacting with fellow bloggers. I was able to reach to people from multiple countries; something I hadn't imagined myself doing a year ago.Some people were silently expressive by hitting the +1 button of google plus while a few of them were expressive by commenting on my posts. I really appreciate the efforts of both of them and welcome even more people to be expressive in the way they want.
     Google has to be thanked to provide this platform which connects so many thoughts, so many people across the globe through the medium of blogger.com. Also, Thank you all my readers, you all have indeed been of great support to me by reading my posts. I hope, through my posts, I could influence a few of you in a positive way.
     With the completion of one year, I am also conferred upon 'The Sunshine Blog a\Award' by a fellow blogger which I shall formally accept soon. For a blogger, nothing could have got better in a year with all such credentials and optimism.
I hope to come up with some more intense topics in the coming time.

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