"Overrated", "Ultimate-goal", "Bliss", "Money" are some of the contrasting words which adjectivizes success. Success has been in a positive or negative limelight depending upon how one got there or how one is viewed by the people who judge. Let us not focus on these aspects though and lets 'try' defining it. I say 'try' because it is really not possible to generalize perspectives and probably I would project my thoughts on this topic.

         Often in our journey of life, we are all left alone emotionally and feel hapless to have been trapped in that situation. During such times, will you being a accomplished entrepreneur/CEO help you get out of it? Quite simple to answer that right? We cannot use these positions to absolve ourselves of the emotional turmoil. What do you need then?who will get you out of it? The answer is quite simple, loved ones will always stand by you come what may. While what I stated was obvious, I was making up a background of my definition of success. Success, according to me is having a few people around who make your life memorable. What is the use of the professional endeavors when you have no person to share it with, to be expressive about and make yourself feel really good and confident.

         The professional journey of a person might be a success on account of his own work but it never really a sinks in until he/she doesn't feel about this achievement touching another person's life. The feeling of seeing your hard-work bringing smile on yours and someone else's face doesn't have a lexical expression, it can only be felt. Success is having people who help you get where you deserve to be and make you feel valued. Behind every man who is successful, there are many people who help him mold himself/herself into the person that he/she has become. Let me give you an example, the PM or the President of a country is in the chair not only because he deserves and worked hard to get there but also because many other people had confidence in him/her and wanted to see that person in the chair.

     To sum up, I would say success is all about people and for people. As we move along the journey of time, reducing the time-to-live on earth, we should more focus on increasing the count of quality people in life and less on materialistic things. Materialistic things will come and go by with time. Finally, Ask yourself this question:-
"What would you remember while breathing last, the most expensive flat you bought or the person with whom you spent the most important moments of life?"

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