The wonderful art of writing!

Writing, one of the very basic forms of expression has its roots from a very ancient time. A book, may it be blank or printed has so far been a man's best companion to share thoughts, record events,transactions and many more things.
                    "I was not born with the propensity to write but sooner did I find that
                     being loquacious with a book is far pleasing and soothing"
Life's twists and turns often compelled me to grab a pen and paper and allow the train of thoughts to flow from my mind to the paper. I believe writing is an effortless art, you just have to write what you think. I recently observed that people can write for the following  purposes or writing has two forms:
1)Write to be read
2)Write to write
In the former approach, one starts thinking about the audience and how others would react to his writings while in the latter one writes solely for his own pleasure.Both the above approaches just represent one's perception. One can choose a domain he is comfortable in.
             One of the best aspects of writing is that a book or any writing material will never get bored by whatever you think.Though, by definition it is inanimate, it is equivalent to talking with a person. We have so many joyous as well as sorrow laden moments in our lives and sometimes we have to think twice before expressing it to others. I will term a book as a patient listener. It is the best conservationist I ever found because it is said that listening is a vital and quintessential part in an conversation. We write our minds and our hearts to a trustworthy outlet which will keep our secrets as well as provide the joy of sharing such movements.
                 Having said all this, I would end this blog on a very positive note on writing and also looking forward to keep this wonderful legacy of writing continuing with time.

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