Towards an 'engineered' life

Engineering is a course which teaches one much more about the intricacies of life as it teaches about the technical aspects. In the tenure of four years one not only becomes a technically sound engineer but also starts leading a engineered life.
One can have three types of worries/pressures whilst doing this course:
1)Worry of the present which includes exams,submissions lined up i.e. the burden of completion.
2)The past worries which includes but is not limited to KT's(for some students), less marks scored which further leads to a present tension of getting good marks.
3)Worries of the future which includes a job security.
When one comes out of the realms of engineering, he/she in consideration can said to have tackled all these burdens with success. These burdens, though in the engineering domain, have a lot to do with one's real lives at a point later in life. One has to keep all these three domains balanced to live a normal life.One learns management of time, which is a quintessential part in so many jobs owing to the fact that a major part of one's studies which has to be managed in the final month before our examination.
Inspite of the aforementioned pressures, we never miss out on the life's enjoyment ride.Engineering life offers us some memorable and unforgettable moments in our life. One gets to know that everything in life can be achieved with focus, hardwork and determination for a limited but highly productive time(with apropos to the last one month of intensive studies). One learns with time that its not just a donkey's hardwork that is required to excel in life, but smartwork as well, which I term as 'smart-hardwork'. One also makes new acquaintances here in engineering, some of them turn out to be as  friends throughout one's life.Exploring places, hanging out with friends and keeping any relationship alive are some of the activities which gives one a glimpse of the various social pressures he/she could ever face, though of a different magnitude, in his/her life.
One of the most important part of engineering are the vivas. They teach a person so much about the power of speech. It is not at all necessary to now 100 percent of the answers to the questions posed to you by the examiner. What counts more is the way you project yourself of whatever you know.I call that technique "intelligent speaking".The examiner judges you much more on your presentation and confidence. These skills teach you so much more about decision-making and handling pressure-tight situations in life.
If one wonders what he/she has learnt after the four strenuous years of engineering, I have listed a few which we often tend to ignore.
Good day!

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