*life->computers; if(computers==null){ life->null;}

Firstly, my title means that my life points to computers and if there are no computers, life is a null(no purpose,coders might get the analogy). Now here goes my tale.
It is the year 1995, I am cozily seated facing the Intel 486 at my grandpa's house . This "assimilated machinery" which managed to display a character whose movements were controlled by me and accordingly reflected changes in the display, was admirable(I termed it 'assimilated' because it could understand what I told it to do). The character moves with a considerable speed and is faced by some opposing force's men who are willing to battle against him to prevent him from reaching his princess. I never knew what and why but the this is what computers meant to me way back then.
  I would long to be at my granny's place only for one thing: Computers. Whenever I returned to my own house, the longing for "the assimilated machinery" would only increase and catering to this emotion, I would prod my parents strongly to take me back there.My uncle used to assemble computers from a scratch in my granny's house and I, used to observe, observe and observe. At an age of less than 5, I didn't know what made me so curious about computers but I used to muse about it without any proper basic understanding of what is going on. Soon, this raw interest started to turn into serious interest and then things slowly started to insinuate at I  becoming an IT or Computer engineer someday. Today, I stand at the fourth and final year of my course and see my abstract aspirations taking a definite form. I used to be so persuasive about computers, that school and formal education seemed to be secondary. The interest at that time was mainly pinned at playing a popular DOS game. Such was the craze, though for a game but thats what led me to believe that computers is what I love.
  I way learnt more and more about computer hardware is something which I will always cherish. In the year 1999, I got myself an intel pentium3, which was one of the latest machines back then. Well, problem solved, got a computer at my house with the revered DOS game as also with some advanced features which could run many more games. Now there was only one problem which was what if the computer conked off and it would take about a week for the concerned officials to make a visit for it to be up and functioning. It was too long a wait for a passionate attraction and interest. So, I used to myself dismantle the whole hardware(CPU) and see what those small capacitors, a battery and a processor fan would probably do to make it run.My uncle, who is an ace and expert in hardware and software , instructed me to do the needful. If still, things didn't work out, I would loose patience and still keep trying till the screen doesn't flicker. I would fail so many times but giving up was not my forte. All this experimentation came with a cost, which was to resist the bouts of anger of my parents for spoiling for an (apparently) working machine.
   The pentium 3, as expected is outdated, and has been replaced by an i3 now, but I am still the very same and keep experimenting with the i3 as well. Today, I am more into the software part of it and the way things are automated fascinates me.
   There is no other ideal sight than that of computers and books.

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