The convoluted yet beautiful life!

       After reading a couple of books of the philosophical genre and The Bhagavad Gita, my perspective on life underwent a para-dime shift. My 'wanderlust-struck' mind finally converged in on some matters. Though having experienced only a few years of the long life, I feel I have encountered people who are, one can say, my closest friends;while some, whom I considered as the closest, turned out to be otherwise.
       In such matters,I found, our logic fails us. Years of academics teaches us one thing if not any other, think logically and also that things occurring have a reason behind them. In matters of emotions, there seems to be a lot of aberrancy regarding this principle. Things are absolutely unrelated, we remain friends with some people in life irrespective of our aversion for them. Some, on the other hand, fail to tie the friendship knot irrespective of being of, what we call, our types. When things such as these happen, we sit, we muse to our dismay( with exceptions of people who dont think)of not understanding the reasons for the same. Hence begins the train of thoughts trying to connect the prima facie unrelated dots to make sense of them somehow. After a point of time we give up on one issue, moving on to another, but we are never failed by such thoughts to strike us.(Why?)
     I had read about people regressing to their past lives and trying to fathom their current life's problems based on their past lives.In one case the person suffered from hydrophobia presently because he/she had drowned in some previous life in a hapless and struggling situation. The person still subconsciously seems to have not overcome this fear.  Sounds interesting? If you think yes then it might possibly be so because you found something beyond the mundaneness, something beyond the realms of acceptable and something which has no proof until you undergo the same but surely promising since somewhere at the back of the mind we do understand all this having a subconscious mind.
    The Holy Bhagavad Gita also conveys the same message that the roots of the consequences which we face today are laid in previous births, if not this. Having had some terrible experiences with people, I started to ponder on the veracity of karma. I started feeling that in this world and current scenario, the bad ones live and relish life to the fullest while the true and diligent ones are devoid of what they deserve. We all, at some point think this way because we feel that no-one but us are the ones who are toiling with problems and that everyone else is leading a happy life which is a wrong assumption since human life is bound to undergo suffering.
   Nevertheless, I came to believe that karma is a true concept.Having the habit of seeing and measuring results and outcomes quantitatively,I found that  karma's rebuttal cannot be measured but only experienced by the concerned. We need to realize that somethings are just not under our control and it is totally unnecessary to worry about such things. All we need to do is live our life peacefully, flourish, love ourselves and also shower our love to the other beautiful souls out there as it is rightly said "Life is all about sharing and loving". We should always remember that being born as a human is the biggest benison for a soul and that irrespective of everything "Life is Beautiful" and every moment of it must be made cherishable.
   Good day to all of you on that note.!

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