Wishing all my readers a happy and prosperous new year. May this year give you strength to overcome all obstacles which await to be faced. May the battle with problems be easy.
        Now lets get to the topic,uncertainty. We say, life is exciting....wondered why??DYNAMISM...how does this come now???UNCERTAINTY...everything of the future is just a prediction.. Everything is just a shot at the cloud of uncertainty. As such hit by mundaneness, we get bored to some extent doing certain things as a routine.With everything just being as certain, life would even get more sullen.
      Not knowing what might happen tomorrow, sometimes I just keep my fingers crossed to expect the best.When I am down many times, this uncertainty acts like a silver lining in the cloud. Uncertainty makes me think that getting a smooth ride is something not very common and even if I get it one day, its never the same for the succeeding days. We see to our surprise, so many people achieving results which were never expected, its all because of the shot at the cloud at uncertainty. This leads to the topic of luck..so what is luck..??its just something which can be called as our fate, something not in our hands. Luck can be extrapolated very much from uncertainty. When luck favours us, we achieve results. Why so??if we are certain that we are not capable of achieving that result, we still make it. I put it this way..."there is something uncertain about ourselves which maybe even we dont know or have not discovered". The discovery of this new thing leads to some change in our life.
   Talking about change, change is a huge topic.With eminent people having said great things about it and its  an established fact that change is imminent. Personally I believe that change and time are the only constant things in life. We keep on changing ourselves constantly. Change, in so many ways is related to uncertainty. We try to adopt to situations not knowing what they actually are and find ourselves changed, making modifications to adopt to the best of our capabilities.Let us take an example: You may have an interview tomorrow, and you dont know what sort of questions can be asked what you do is prepare certain 'frequently' asked questions and then think that you are at your best to take on this uncertainity of not knowing what maybe asked.
     Talking about academics, this has led to a huge branch of research. Artificial intelligence today, is all dealing with uncertainty. Probability(the reason i highlighted frequently in the preceeding para), which people across various branches study today is based on uncertainty. Based on the current conditions and certain predictions, the chances are extrapolated. To put it simply, if there were no uncertainty the probability of every event would have been 1 because we knew what would happen.I also believe that if Time travel is made possible we can quench our thirst for all the uncertainty that exists???But the question arises is it possible??Can we defy the principles of time, as possible in so many games, travel ahead, see what lies ahead and be pretty certain about what might happen?
  Seeing any glass half filled, I vehemently believe its possible and the 'un' from the uncertainty will be removed. When this happens, so many lives would be saved. When a person is in initial stages of a fatal disease, we could just travel ahead to check if this disease really became fatal with time in case the detection presently just defied it. We still remain in the cloud of uncertainty in presence of extraterrestrial beings. With time this fact can be concretised and today we can be sure of their existence which we may discover tomorrow.These were just a few examples to cite.
   To sum up, uncertainty is all about foreseeing the future, merging tomorrow and today. Personally..uncertainty has made my life interesting today and i feel it is necessary to keep the ecstasy of excitement on in our lives.

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