Get coloured!

   Wishing all my readers a very happy holi. May this festival bring happiness and contentment in each one's life. I relate colours to various aspects right from emotions, life,love,travel,people and locations on this earth to cite a few.
   Well, talking about emotions, as i have already stated in my article Emotions, they are responsible for making one's life colourful.Take red as anger,blue as sadness,green as acceptance,light red for joy I would apply all of them on my readers so that you experience a just balance of everything. Guyss..experience the highs and lows of life all are equally important. When i apply red colour on you, let all your anger w.r.t me be expressed(i just hope it doesn't turn out to be too red). Let blue represent all the sadness of yours caused by me, when i apply blue, let all those memories fade away. Light red of course, represent the joyous movements I and you may have spent.(I wouldnt mind if this becomes a bit more dark..:p).
   Talking about love, to all those immersed in here in this domain. Let Red be not a colour of anger for you all but a colour of Love. Though i would suggest one thing, even if the meaning of "Red" switches from Love to anger do not mind and revert back to the original meaning i.e love. Enjoy this wonderful feeling this holi.
   Travelling, to all those who love travelling and listening to songs. With each song played we remember all those moments which the songs points to. The blues of life, the good moments, the sad moments and all other wonderful moments of life.Travelling is never a waste of time but a time to analyse self, relax and listen to music and experience each colour and its meaning.
   Talking about people, we have numerous people in our lives. The ones who make us angry, the one who make us happy, the ones who make us confused, the ones who value us, the ones who irritate us. Each of these people represent a colour and all of them make up our life. Life will never be complete without all of them.
  Locations, to all those who can relate to various locations where we often spend good times, bad times and times where we get bored. Let all of them always be there in our lives.
   As it is said, we must enjoy these colours in our lives but at the same time also be careful from resulting imbalances and harms. 
I would appeal all my readers to play a safe holi.

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