My Gosh...nostalgia is something which is sweet but induces grief. Nostalgia accompanied with solitude is even more painful. When you leave your home for the first time with all the excitement for new ventures, nostalgia is unprepared for. We do not expect to get nostalgic before the onset of the new journey(this being the worst part). We paint a picture of everything,including our to-be-surroundings, how we will be placed in a cosy environment; but hold on, did you see you were alone in that scenario?NO.. I term this is as selective imagination.
          All those things, practically everything, even the unfavorable moments which one had experienced in the past comes like a flash. They seem to be sweet and one feels like experiencing them once again. What is it that makes it this way? Can anybody answer?

     When we roam around in the new place, we recollect our older environment, older places where we had been to,  the people whom we had met. Today, I sat and pondered on this and I think there is a reason behind all this. Friends, we get attached emotionally to the inanimate objects around us as well. Did you ponder on this ever? yes..the recollection of places corroborates this fact. The places where we have been to and remember have a positive vibe.This makes us unconsciously bound to it. Each time we visit, the bond gets stronger without our knowledge. Nostalgia makes us realise this.
    When people are concerned, it is obvious, we get attached even more to the people because we have lived with them, had some good memories with them and also certain out-of-the-way moments. In the initial days, life sometimes becomes miserable and friends, this is what makes us realise how beautiful our past was. It is but one thing which validates the orchestration of events of the past. Sometimes, this retrospection makes us second the adage,'Everything happens for a reason'.It is like a reminder by the Almighty to realise the results by retrospection.
       If a person is habituated to being emotional, he/she will always look out for bonds as strong as the previous ones. This adds to the nostalgia and makes it even more painful. The gap between the relationships forged in the new place(which are often nascent and weak) and the ones which are forged in our previous place(which are strong) is filled by memories. But, let me tell you one thing, the magnitude of nostalgia gradually reduces as we start having even stronger relationships in the new place. Memories never fade away(always in our Hard disk drive) but yes our RAM is filled with fresh moments and this is what is required.
    To sum up, nostalgia should be welcomed and it is very natural. However, nostalgia becomes a devil when it forces one to go back to the previous cosy environment which is an impediment to our growth in life.
One must feel nostalgia and let it pass through as a phase of life.

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