2014:a Year that was and 2015:a year I expect to be.


      Now that new year has begin, before setting up this year's  resolutions,
I wanted to retrospect on all that happened. I wish this year be better than the preceding year.We must grow each year personally and professionally. It makes me immensely nostalgic to recollect all that happened and the worst part is that the best and the worst moments both bring tears to my eyes.
      This year I completed engineering with distinction. Considering all that I had been through for the 4 years spent in college, I could not have asked for a better closure of this chapter. In the four years spent here, I always felt the urge for this journey to get over as so as to strike a truce to all happening around. It taught me a lot about people  being a mixture of good and bad, some were really good while others were equally bad acting for their own benefits. This was the first gist of the unforgiving world around.
     In terms of blogging I started writing short stories. Writing short stories was an effortless task since I observed stories are nothing but 'disguised reality'. I was approached by many to pen down their stories on my blog. Each had unique experiences and there was something or the other to learn from whatever they had narrated. Two of my posts got selected within top 10 in India in a week. It was a good boost for me to keep writing.
   Then came corporate life, a life I always wanted to experience. In a very short time I experienced a lot of perplexities involved, but I could also tackle them. I understood the true importance of "work satisfaction" and also got a gist of the pleasure it gives. I love interacting with people and corporate life opened up avenues for interaction with new people, it led to formation of cemented relationships which I expect to last a lifetime.
   In terms of relationships I have always observed that I have a 'quality few' than a 'quantity many'. I feel a sense of contentment for this virtue of mine. In today's times 'people networking' is more important than any 'computer network'. It is one thing which provides ultimate satisfaction even more than solving a computing network error.
     2015, as a year must be an improvisation over the mistakes I made in 2014. I want this year to be even more exciting interms of work, people. I wish to go out of my comfort zone and explore new places, new things and thereby increase my spectrum of vision. I wish to value each and every relationship in my life, to love each person in my life assuming I will never be hurt by them. It is this love which has prevented many people from leaving my life forever and I do not wish to loose this virtue.I want to value my treasure, the virtue of 'trust' and only shower it on the people who deserve it.
    Lastly, I don't ask God to lessen my existing problems and all those which might come by but I expect him  to bestow me with strength and intelligence to tackle all the problems and with each problem I tackle, I evolve in the journey of life, on a broader note. I think I have already written a lot about myself...what are your new year resolutions??
Feel free to drop in your views!

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