The world, as I(would like to) see it.

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Umpteen number of times, we have seen ourselves cribbing over so many issues in this world. In the heat of the moment, we often crib, 'gosh, what if the world was like this...  '. Yes, you might have guessed it already. I  are talking about utopian situations. Wow, just imagine what we subconsciously said would come true? Before I take this topic head on, why the title has brackets? I hope you'll be able to figure out by the end of this article all by yourself!
         Guys, before we try to make this world perfect, free of poverty, free of evil, free of all the situations which are unpleasant. Let me ask you one thing, if everything is perfectly fine? what will you do? if there is no poverty, no hunger, what are you driven by? Do you have any driving force? You have already created a situation which is the driving force for many to earn and achieve in life. No friends, if we ask for situations as this, world would be more misearble.
         Next, talking about diseases, my utopian world would just comprise of all the diseases with a little less pain. Even to an onlooker, the sight of the diseased crying for help is grandiosely painful.
Now some of you would ask me, why not eradicate diseases? Yes, I would love to but it should be by our efforts, reasearch. it should not come like any wish out of the blue. To sum up, my utopian world would be a world free of diseases but not any pain-free disease. "Pain" is something which makes ur realise the importance of what we just got cured of. What we, as a humankind have successfully managed to eradicate as a result of our efforts and not any magic.
         In the field of education, I would see a world which is free of gender bias/any other bias. By this I exactly mean, there should be no reservations for any gender/other criteria. I am tired of seeing quotas here and there. People with disabilities deserve it but those who are healthy must find themselves a place on virtue of their merit and not any particular quota. Everybody has a right to education and a right to be in a premier institute on the basis of their merit and not because of gender or any other criteria which gives them an advantage.
          My last wish is that everybody work to the highest of their potential. Today, I see that myriad number of people are busy in playing mindless games and climbing up the ladder. Of 100 people, hardly 25 people are working diligently and the world is running on such people. Just imagine that all 100 worked? The productivity would be stupendous. Overpopulated countries would no longer crib as each person would be productive and somehow needs could be met. There would hardly be any people who would like to sit and eat for free or undeserving credits. I believe that majority of the issues would be solved.
       Well guys,you might wonder? What is so utopian in what all I asked. They are nothing but an enhancement of the current situations in a minor way. So, the moral of the story is that the utopain situations are nothing but something very close by. We just overrate things and imagine a world which would be harmful for ourselves in some way or the other.
         According to the Hindu mythology, three yugas have passed and the we are living in the fourth one. World has already been remade three times and this cycle will go on. All we need to do is enhance our present to reach the 'utopian world'.
P.S: Hope you understood the purpose of brackets, its because the world as I would like to see and the one I am seeing are not that far apart..:)


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