These words "sad","sadism" has so much of negativity in it. Even when I hear them, it makes me emotionally nauseatic. The worst part is that such people cannot be avoided(difficult to detect). These people are so damaging that they try their best to rip you apart emotionally. My observation has been that sadistic people can never think good about the people who matter the most in their life as well. They find pleasure in their partner craving for support from them, in portraying their partner as the accused in all the bad things done to them, roaming about freely garnering sympathy and love from all other people but his/her partner. Let me narrate a short fictional story supporting all the above claims.
                 Jack and Tim were two good friends. They became very close to each other in their engineering college days. Similar conditions, similar upbringing were the two factors which united them. Their taste for music was another uniting point. In the second quarter of the first year, their bond was as strong as it could get. Tim was in a relationship since a year or so and jack would be very happy at this and always ask him about his experiences.Tim would talk more about  the negative aspects and would complain about issues which gravely concerned him. It so happened that 'Jina', Tim's girlfriend landed up in the same class as Jack and Tim.
                 The very first impressions of Jina was very encouraging to Jack. He thought her to be a great person with good values inculcated. In real senses she was the greatest sadist person he could ever meet. Often she would complain about Tim and his compulsive behaviour which would make Jack wonder about his good friend's character. She tried her best to get close with Jack owing to his nature portraying Tim as the villan of the whole episode and experience of him in her life. The worst part would be that Tim would scold her in front Jack and that would warrant Jina's claims even more. The reality was that not all the claims which Jina had made were true. She was just a sadist trying to seek the attention and sympathy of others around so that Tim could be cornered at the right time by everyone.
                 One fine day, Jack, being misled by Jina's accusations on his good friend, confronted him and had a heated conversation. Seldom did they know that Jina was a sadist was silently enjoying seeing this. Actually Jack and Tim were two fools who were fighting for a person who never thought out of her confines; who would side with a person she found 'profitable' and would like to keep all her options open. Do sadists have true feelings? I dont think so, their feelings are also driven by motives and attention-seeking behaviour.  Tim and Jack separated out and were no longer in talking conditions. Tim, was however drenched in feelings for Jina so he couldn't leave her. In the whole scenario, Tim was either blind because of his feelings or was selfish himself to separate out with Jack and siding with a sadist.
                    Jina meanwhile was enjoying the romance with Tim and a the sametime she could see that Jack was truly in a sorrowful state on the incidents which had happened. She was "happy" that there were two guys fighting for her.Once when she met Jack outside college she had even said, "Why are you leaving, by doing so you are giving the other one an opportuity to get close." Can you imagine this?Her plight was such that she couldnt se two friends split because of her insanity but she wanted to enjoy the play of seperation more by such inciting dialogues.
         Once Jack and Tim decided to meet and sort issues. Finally, they both realised that they fought over a devil, a sadist. They even agreed that they endured turmoil for the most worthless a human being. The worst part is that, the damage was such that both lost trust over each other. It was too late, because of mistrust each one would doubt his equation with Jina.
    Jack found Jina to be characterless by her actions, being with someone else, she would silently try to forge very strong ties with someone outside, she never cared about anyone else except herself.
It is better to be beware of sadists than getting trapped by their sweet talks and misleading accusations to garner sympathy.Jack and Tim have been separated, but the sadist roams about freely having destroyed everything in her path!


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