Its all in your intentions!

'A content Life' is a thing to wonder on, a thing which differs from person to person. So what is it that brings you contentment? Is it having your coffers filled with money or is it making someone stand on their own feet because of your assistance. A bounty in your coffers will do very little to make your life successful. However, all you be successful in is boosting your ego, which will only fade away with your body after death.

The greatest irony of this world is that people whose definition of content life is correct are clipped by monetary constraints and some of those who have their coffers filled do not play their part. Even if they do, is it intentional so as to increase their popularity or does it come straight from the heart. These are the questions I encounter myriad times when I think of these stalwarts who get into the business of philanthropy.If one looks for boosting ones ego and public image here as well, little will their inner self be ever happy. Karma only when done with the pure heart will bear real fruits. "Short term gains" and instant fame are the motivating factors behind the people who actually are in the lookout for image-boost. Better to leave such shallowness behind which serves no good.

It's Rakshabandhan here in India, a festival where a brother reinstates his duty to protect his sister(s). Lets take a pure and unintentional(one expecting nothing in return)oath to protect not only one's sisters but every woman on the road from the devilish atrocities committed by a few of us. On a lighter note, sisters, don't expect a lot of gifts coming your way because pure intentions is the greatest gift you can get :p
Have a good day guys!

This Rakshabandhan, I am supporting ‪#‎BhojanSurakshaBandhan‬

P.S: I really hope that no-one falls in the image booster category and that I am proved wrong by all means.

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