The Best Tribute

Hello Guys, it has been a long time since I posted. Got a bit busy with numerous tasks. One thing I observed in this long break is that I cannot distance myself much from writing. Having lost my dear grandpa and Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam with not much gap between the two events, I am feeling extremely heavy from inside.

My Grandpa and Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam were two stalwarts in their respective fields. One was the missile man of the country and the other one was the missile man of our family. Both have set an ideal example of how life is to be lived. Both have undergone inevitable pain, sailed through most difficult turfs in their lives and sometimes I feel that only selectively looking at their successes would be a mistake.

Back then at that time, both my grandpa and Dr A.P.J have been victims of "budding age and unbudding country". This categorically means they had desires and ambitions as high as the sky but resources were extremely as scarce as they could get. In a country just managing to free its clutches from colonisation, even basic necessities such as electricity was a challenge keep aside other amenities. In such adverse circumstances, they managed to study and get themselves a job which today has got a lot easier as compared to those times. I so wonder as to how Dr APJ Kalam had garnered so much of knowledge as to build missiles. Today, even after the prolific relevance of internet, no "Missile Man" of India has arisen. I think his dedication is unmatched and he never had to prove himself and his position w.r.t the country. I am not able to find any other missile man today,why?

My Grandpa, on the other hand had always been a "missile man"of our family. He had a widespread relevance and was known to even the most remote relatives. He was intransigent when it came to breaking rules for ones own benefits. Life had presented him with many opportunites to desert people and leave them struggling for themselves but he, undauntingly faced the hardships of supporting everyone and ensured even they are settled in life.I call him missile man because he ensured the launch of independent individuals(missiles).

Obviously, they both have seen terrible flipsides of life, facing resistance from people, criticisms and those things cannot be described because words cannot match up to those feelings at any point of time. The best tribute we can pay to these esteemed souls is by following their principles rather than admiring them for a day or two and going back to worthless mundaneness. I would like to end this blog by dedicating a short writeup(eulogy) for both:

Dearest Grandpa, it is said that the true value of people is realised only when we have lost them. In this hustle-bustle, I really feel that I had forgotten  to cater to the innocent emotions which you had for me. I really curse the debilitating Alzeimers which  snatched you away from my life.You had to go, as every mortal has to shed his/her body. I consider your body only a medium to forge ties between our souls and I sincerely wish that an esteemed soul like yours comes back and broaches up a coversation with me. I still remember the times when you went to the pedagogic state explaining me basic principles of life which I must follow. It is indeed those values which have let the undying spirit in me never fade and loose its sheen come what may. You have helped innumerable souls out there and what more could a person have asked for, when all he gets is goodwill from scores of people even after his death for the grand benevolence he portrayed when he was alive.
I would consider myself as blessed if I could even follow a percent of ethics you have always followed in life.
There were surely many things to learn for me from your life and I shall always have you in my heart for all that you have given me till date, including my pet name which many still utter.
 With Loads of Love from your grandson.     

A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir, the best and the only tribute we can pay you is by engendering the creation of another diligent,selfless,grounded and a good hearted missile man of India.(Am I asking for too much?)                   

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