Forced Interest

            Do you love the job you are doing? "Ohh yes, why not, I mean I don't understand how I pass time when I am seated in office", says my colleague. He is drenched in the screen of the computer and is reluctant to even talk to me when I try to broach a conversation with him. What makes him interested or is it forced? yes guys, you read it right, there is a new trend going on whereby people force upon interests on themselves so as to at least try to love what they are doing.
       It is generally said that one must not sustain much in their current field if that is not what they want to become in life.Expressions to convey this feeling of boredom used to be in the form of nonchalance,disinterest. Nowadays, its even more dangerous, false enthusiasm and a shallow sense of contentment. People are tied in their own manacles, in a real prison they have their own false mirage which tells them this is what they always wanted. it is very evident in the companies which do not let you choose their stream and force it upon you after your engineering under-graduation studies. I have seen scores of people who were always interested in Java but got some area like Testing and today they are happily working there thinking the pickle served to them as a sweet delicacy.
    Such behaviour of being in a false mirage should be avoided. I would never suggest one looses his/her passion in the quest of helping someone else make money. If there are any financial implications, do work in your current place but make sure that you do not stray from your life's ambition. The world is working in half of its efficiency because we ask a fish to walk on land and a man to breathe in water. Each one of us have different roles and I believe one must be courageous enough to pursue his/her dreams at some point in life.
   There is another category of people who are not interested and are rotting in the job they do. These people are lively and they enjoy the most but out of office. They act as an inspiration to the people but they compromise in professional life. They forget that apart from enjoying they have come here to enhance their professional lives as well. These category of people also seriously compromise in their goals. The problem with us is that we are actually seem to be forgetting the line between personal satisfaction and professional one. When we are satisfied personally, we feel we are doing a job of our passion and when we are only satisfied professionally, we feel that we are personally content as well.
For others who are actually aware of their interest realise how valuable their interest was and then make plans to switch. It is not so uncommon to see people waiting to leave their jobs for an MBA or Masters in a field different from their profession. This is a sorry state of affairs and shows our inability to match our talent with appropriate jobs. This is the reason we experience brain drain. The quality of our so called "innovative" companies promising balance between work and personal life and those equating work and play is not so good. India has one more demand and a threat to cater to; it has to generate jobs, invest in research and make it a suitable destination for "reverse brain drain now". It's high time we stop speaking big and start doing big.
I wish to appeal to all my readers to define a set of objectives, define boundaries and keep your focus.
Good luck!

P.S: Salute to those people who have managed to choose their profession according to their interests

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