Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote

Well, I wont divide this review into logical divisions as done earlier for a change. To give you all a background, I was reading 'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand which is quite deep and a heavy read and I was desperately looking forward to read a thriller/suspense to lighten things up. Through Blogadda, I caught hold of this review copy which kept me enthralled for hours.

       Getting to the storyline, it all starts with projecting Aditya as a successful author coming to IIM as an alumni speaker.He is married to Maya, an elegant woman with all the ideal qualities a man might desire in his wife. While promoting his book, he crosses horns with a girl named Shreya who raises objection at him calling a book as a 'product' to be sold. It never started well with them; but Shreya, who was an opportunist wanted to be an successful author and Aditya was the bridge. An inchoate relationship which once began on unfavorable conditions and terms develops into something murky, transactional and later on complicated with emotions.To make it more interesting, the character of Sanjay, who is Aditya's close friend doles out a lot of surprises at the end.

     Ravi has given all the ingredients required for a book to be a bestseller in the book through the fictional character Aditya and it seemed to be too realistic for it to be classified as fiction. The overall story seems to be quite predictable after reading the prologue but still the suspense quotient is retained owing to the characters. Mention of known characters such as Anurag Kashyap, Nirav Sanghvi takes it further towards reality and away from fiction.However, the fact of Aditya not reading books but still able to write lucidly and be able to become a stellar author is something strange as I feel for effective and powerful writing, reading is a must.

     A very good attempt made at description of erotic scenes. This makes it murkier. Each encounter Aditya and Shreya had, I felt was backed by guilt, discomfort all overshadowed by pleasure nevertheless. It was like any other transaction of debit and credit until it got too personal. I couldnt really get if Shreya really loved Aditya or was it just his fame she wanted to inherit, it was really confusing till the end when the truth was out! In fact I still couldnt believe the genuity of emotions at the end!This part of the book, I felt was a bit puzzling as the love seemed to be only because of Aditya's stature and emotions couldn't have been genuine in any case.

   The roles played by Sanjay and Diana, I felt could have been elaborated a bit more. Sanjay did have a history to throw in the whole story.This history could have been elaborated a bit more as a separate chapter keeping him anonymous in that chapter. This would have added suspense and kept the reader wondering on the culprit half way through the book.A short trail would have been better.

  What a wonderful masterpiece, Ravi Subramanian, this is by far the best novel you have come up with. Throughout the book I was wondering if you have been through this situation/have seen a close person in this situation which you put Aditya in. For me, I could only imagine you in Aditya's place whilst playing the story in my mind like a movie. All in all, it is a perfect blend of suspense with quite a bit of romance.
The book briefly quotes its own review from my angle. Here it goes:

I loved it because  a)it is a great story  b) it's brilliantly paced  c) it ends very well d) the language is simple and easy and e) the characters are relatable"
- The bestseller She Wrote, page 117

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