Good times don't last, but neither do the bad times

                We often get so immersed into the present at times, that we forget that with a tick of a clock it becomes a past and is not eternal. In that very moment, whether we do any good or bad determines a great deal in our lives and can have far reaching consequences.  We do not think so deeply when we do good because we set the path in a good way but we end up not being thoughtful equally when things turn south with a life lasting impact. Both, I would say need a stop and a thought. We forget, how fragile life is in this delusion of anything lasting for eternity.  I believe that each experience in life has some lesson to teach provided you are a good person with a clean conscience. Certain events are just a way to set the record straight.

           Next, who decides if your conscience is clean, certainly not you or your actions alone, but it's the goodwill of everyone surrounding you and related to you. Each one of them sends a wave into the universe praying for your goodwill and well-being and the reverse could be true if you hurt them for some reason. In good times and tough times alike, they count. One of the major areas where we go wrong is to believe we are in control of all the good happening to us and are the first ones to blame others for all the bad happening. This lopsided thought process leads to a sense of bloated satisfaction and  extreme dissatisfaction in the reverse case. When you just prevent yourself from getting into a lot of trouble, its because the universe wanted you to be safe and conversely if you don't get happy its an indication to keep working to get there.

        Life isn't a bed of roses they say and I certainly believe this statement because also in the bed of roses are the thorns. As we decide to sleep on the bed which is intended to take us to la-la-land, we realize how hard those thorns hit us, having not anticipated them. This can be very well related to our day-to-day lives, lets say in the event of us getting a new job as an example. While we are ecstatic at the prospect of joining a new job, which to us means a higher pay, an illusion of better people around and a new environment(bed of roses). Once we get in and the reality sets in, we observe that people are the same everywhere, environment might or might not be as good. Who controls these undetermined factors and makes you think things are so good?

      Coming back to the original topic,  acknowledging the two-dimensional karma-universe matrix is crucial. Your karma determines what you might face and the universe decides the extent of it. Whether it be good or bad times, it is worth noting that they won't last; bask in them; learn from them and move on as everything in life is meant to be an experience in itself. Signing off on the following thought:

"Be Tough during tough times and humble during the good times"

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