"How can one explain the rarity of finding love in  7+ billion people, and then the pain of it being unrequited"

               Pam was 40, well settled in her career . She was a flamboyant personality who would excel at her job. She made her way to her current job in one of the top firms in US through extreme hardship; burning the midnight oil; formerly working in super-marts just so that her wages would be sufficient for her personal expenses. Being a brilliant student, paying college fees was quite easy owing to scholarships which US universities bestowed on intelligence like hers. She was a woman of her own choice and if  there was something she disliked, it would be  settling or accepting someone else's choices forced upon her. At work, her boss would completely trust her with the deliverables, knowing not to interfere much once assigned tasks. She had her own way to achieve those but at the end of the day, her deliverables would be of top notch quality. She came across as a very determined, strong and a goal oriented woman who would cross milestone after milestone, with an undaunting spirit to knock down the roadblocks on her path. For a goal-oriented woman like her, feelings of love and marriage remained a remote concept; or wait, had she found the one yet?

             Ronit(34), who just graduated with a Phd.(Computer Science) from the top grad school in the, struggled no less being an immigrant, to complete his strenuous coursework and was among the very few who made it to Pam's team post graduation. Such were his communication skills that Pam was instantly convinced on having him in their team. He would excel at his tasks, completing each of his deliverable a day before his deadline. The quality which differentiated him from others was his drive to work was not for himself but driven by empathy. He believed that its not always about the work, it is about the people whom you work for/with which gives you a greater satisfaction. He would try to fill in where Pam would not fit well; a person who brought a fresh skillset and mind to tackle problems innovatively .Ronit not only outperformed his role but also ensured he got his leader's(Pam's) work done, without her intervention.He had a structured thought process to each problem ensuring that the solution is all rounded and work-wise he was impressive overall.

pic credits: torange.biz
         As days passed, Pam began to see lines blurring between her professional and personal life when it came to Ronit. A woman who would never blink an eye at men was suddenly awestruck. She liked being around Ronit, observe him work and experience the flair with which he lived life overall. This went on to a point of no return and she began exhibiting these feelings for him in ways he couldn't fathom. Sometimes just a blank look while he spoke, sometimes not answering IM
messages on purpose(so that he took note) and followed up, sometimes its just a few questions on how personal life was going.Sometimes, they would fight over the solutions to a problem which perplexed Ronit further. One day Ronit decided to have a conversation with her on these issues to understand the rationale. Did Ronit understand her feelings or did her feelings go unrequited? What do you think, let the writer in you speak....

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