Why Movies turn out to be so entertaining and satiating

I recently happened to ponder over the fact that for a plethora of us, movies are very entertaining and we often keep staring at the screen for hours! There are so many reasons which one could give but I would like to share what I feel about movies.
First and foremost, let me talk about the movies which are fictional implying that the things portrayed in them cannot happen in this mundane and normal world composed of mortals like us.These are the movies which have garnered the admiration of so many people across varying age limits. Why is it so? Well, the reason I feel is that many of us have utopian aspirations like flying whenever desired, exploring and having an ability to hop from one place to another within a matter of seconds(like any superhero does!). Albeit not possible in the real sense, we find pleasure or joy in observing someone enacting what we actually want to achieve. Isn't it very soothing and bolstering to realise our aspirations atleast virtually!
Secondly, coming to the movies which ends with the just hero flagging victory over the evil. Everybody wants  to see justice realised and we feel so relieved when the just wins. Justice not only implies legal cases but also punishing the ones who have cheated us at some point in life and have got away unscathed.So many of such movies culminate at a point where the protagonist, who befriends jeopardy is badly beaten up and is on the verge of dying, still gets up out of the blue and all of a sudden takes over the unjust(sometimes myriad in number) and hoists the victory flag! These movies in reality do not deliver justice in our lives, but relieves us with the hope that the just always wins come what may and justice will be delivered. Our unstable and wondering mind finds solace!
I wouldn't elaborate on jocular and comedy movies.They, by all means are entertaining and provide us with the much needed 'hearty laughs' which is in rarity these days.
Movies are more soothing because they provide you the comfort of entertainment that too without stressing much on one's brains. We don't have to strain our brains much here by imagining or thinking but we just have to sit in front of a screen to experience. What more comfort than this?
Life never can give us all the pleasures which we always intend but surely it gives us such sources to remain happy and contended at it being fulfilled and realized somewhere!
Good day!

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