Mission success:Approaching problems

Life is a journey which throws so many thorns in its own path. Reaching any milestone in our life requires real efforts. There are so many of us who wish that procuring things could have been effortless, but hey,wait a moment, will that really make you contended except for a few moments of getting it? There are somethings of the human nature I am unable to fathom.
            Success is something which we all wish; may it be scoring real good marks in exam, reaching an ambitious position in our professional career. Imagine yourself placed in a football field and your team scores all the goals without anyone moving in the field: even if your team wins, will it be worth the joy?? Without a dime worth effort will it be justified to claim victory? Even at work, we wish that our work gets done automatically without our intervention and our accounts get filled with money.Though the above mentioned scenario's are  imaginary ones but the very thought of it makes one feel so odd. Well folks, efforts make our life worth living. It provides us with the path to achieve something big. Life would just get as boring and lethargic without their presence.Intelligent efforts differentiate us from animals and if we wish to be lethargic then even an animal who doesn't possess the intelligence of a human being is putting in more efforts. What is the use of living such a life where everything is spoon-fed, easy to obtain. One fine day, there might be no importance left for the expensive things which we buy, nothing to crave for, no reason to live in life except for a few years. 
             The only thing which differentiates people with the above mentioned thoughts with the people who have actually made it big is the approach towards problems. There are two key words which the dictionary hosts namely "optimism" and "pessimism" which acts as a differentiator. Let me take an example to make it clear. In my engineering college, I happened to be an onlooker to one of the incidents which inspired me to write this blog.There were 5 people who were involved in merrymaking in a laboratory session and the faculty caught hold of the same and cancelled their attendance.The faculty asked them to execute the program based on the concept by themselves and show the working to her if they wished to get back their attendance.As opposed to other people's nay approach towards these sort of methods, there was this one guy who had a different perspective to the whole issue; he opined that "he found a new avenue to learn". The whole episode gave him a reason to put efforts to learn and get his attendance back. Those naysayers, too got their attendance back but by copying what he had done. There were two things to note in this incident, one is the approach and the other is the joy. Yes, the person who slogged hard had a joy to boast of which I found in nobody else. I could see the efforts bringing his success some additional colours as opposed to others for whom it seemed routine.  This may just seem as trivial a story to say but it conveys the right message. The joy of anything obtained by sheer efforts beats all the other ecstasies.
These problems as they are said are not to be considered to be a wall between you and success instead, an opportunity to learn something new and making yourself more worthy of the result which you wish to obtain. If someone ever thinks, why someone else got to a position which he\she always dreamt of getting but could not, the only answer to this would be the approach, maybe the person at a high position may have faced all the problems with optimism and will while others may have chosen to avoid confronting those problems and playing safe.
So folks thats all for today. I hope I soaked that lethargy from you!! have a good day!!

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