The paradoxical results!

So, the results were declared, the people with smiles on their faces seems got more than 65 or 70(probably) and those with slight grin with a tinge of disappointment probably got 60+(First class here) and those with a petrifying expression may have ended up with a backlog or may have got way below expectations and with hovering talks of how shoddy is the course or how bad the checking is! seems pretty natural. People who score real high wont even bother about criticising the course or analysing the content of the course unless they score less(with some exceptions)!
Well, I have been through two of the situations mentioned above, in the elite as well as in the range decent enough but attracting censure for the course. I felt, both were essential to be a part of my life, to be among the top as well as being among the slightly lower than the higher ones. When you are among the latter, you often analyse where you lacked or  what the course couldn't give you which made you too lethargic to study. There is this gap which is very unfathomable, we learn so much of theory only to find that none of the theory will take you anywhere in a place where people with a  high acumen are already placed and are more skilled. There is no denying that, theory forms the base of any practical stuff but too much emphasis on that and too less in the principles which are required is like just providing uncooked rice(raw rice) where a huge demand for cooked rice exists.
While the cliche goes "Mera Beta distinction se engineering pass hua"(My son passed engineering with a distinction), which nowadays has become banal and the actual skills of such a person maybe less than the one with a First Class. This is the sole reason why aberrant results regarding the placements are observed. There are these dream companies(offering a admirable package)which sometimes hardly hire any of these guys and sometimes the least expected guy(with maybe less percentage) gets into the company having gone that extra-mile elsewhere.So, it seems that the results cannot be a future decider for sure but a source of momentary satisfaction and eligibility criteria for many companies(providing a channel to get selected). In this fierce and cut-throat competition, we require to run an extra mile to prove ourselves. It's absolutely not surprising that companies might directly ask, 'in a crowd of people with the same results as yours what makes you stand out for us to hire you'.
Having said all this, engineering course is worth the admiration and respect because it actually provides one  the platform which is enough for many of us to make the best use of, including but not limited to those mentioned in the article "Towards an Engineered life" published by me. I am not amazed that more than the results, people take with them the pleasant memories, time spent with friends and some of these moments  stay with the person throughout his/her life. It also teaches us one thing, don't ever be contended by any achievement but keep striving to become the best where the best has no limits.Lastly, there are always exceptions to the points I stated above.
Good day to all of you.

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