The Last Wish

             Ryan was a singing prodigy.At the age of 7 his baritones would be the most melodious. He belonged to a middle class family and his father was a normal 9-5 office goer.  "Dad, cant we raise ourselves above this banal job. How do you work, I can hardly manage to be a witness to what you do"said Ryan, to this his father would reply "Son, my life has passed in this manner. I think God has given us enough to eat and sleep and we must be thankful for these instead of cribbing about what we dont have." Ryan was a believer of this thought 'We are only limited by the limits we set' and quite lugubriously he would discard his father's contentedness with such a life.
      Inspite of differences in opinion, Ryan always adored his father. He always looked upto him for advice, his dad was a role model for him. He had often heard people saying,  "Your dad is a great learned man and and so many of us look upto him for advises". This nourished Ryan's respect for his dad. He would inform his dad about all the accolades he always got. In class 7, he won the first prize in singing in the state level.Later on, in class 10, he got an offer for playback singing for a film. He would often be dismayed that his dad would never truly appreciate and consolidate for his achievements. This pinched him and he lay bare and incomplete albeit with all the achievements he had. He was never totally contended.
      Ryan often went out with his father for many social gatherings. There they met myriad people and he noticed one peculiar thing. His dad would be the one who showered numerous adjectives in praise of his friends whose achievements were not that great as his. He was always dismayed at all he saw. He would be pensive and  wondered "Why doesn't dad praise me and why is he so extrovert in this aspect with others." He felt wretched and shed tears but to no avail.He neither wanted to ask his dad and then superficially and forcefully gain praises from him. He wanted his dad to be open to him from his heart.
      Time passed by, but his expectations always remained unfulfilled. He became a great playback singer and was approached for majority of films for his melodious voice. He was adulated by many but none of them ever bought him the boundless joy which he wanted to experience.He had all the success and money to his credit. He rose above banality and did something which got him and his family fame. His father would be accosted by random people to shower praises about his son. What his father replied was a mystery for him.
    Ryan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 34 and doctors had already surrendered him to the mercy of Lord. When he lay at the hospital, his dad came to him and said,
 "Son, it is a matter of greatest disgrace for a father to see his son give up his life infront of his eyes.I remember the days when you took your first steps.My elation knew no bounds when you won a playback offer in 10th grade.I remember how I scolded you to study well and my little genius managed everything perfectly.Now, I remember the days when I admonished you for small things; I dont regret that for these admonitions never let you stray from your path. but it makes me nostalgic.I considered myself to be stone hearted but this day I lay bare with emotions. Dear, you have melted the stone in me. You know, when people accost me anywhere, they address me as Ryan's father. Tell me dear son, what could a father demand more from a son. Its a matter of pride my dear, you have done what I could never do. Son, I am proud of you. "
(after this long speech his father started was like he somehow managed his fluid speech to convey whatever he had to)
"Daddy, daddy......."Ryan was panting and he had to be urgently taken to the ICU. "Sir he is in a critical condition", blurted one of the doctors.Ryan held his breath till he could see his dad for one moment and complete his words. He requested the doctors to call his dad inside and they did so.
"Dad all these years, inspite of my achievements, I always had a sense of incompleteness. The whole world adulated me for my talent and skills but I only wanted one person to shower praises for feeling happy and contended to the fullest. I always craved for your praises and encouragement and today when I am in the arms of death I seem to be getting"Ryan was on the cliff of loosing his life"Thank you my...MY LAST WISH". On that terrible night which his father never forgot, Ryan had been launched into eternity.
     One fine day,in the quest to find his son in the stars, his father gazed above in the sky and spotted one bright star and said "Son, I wanted you to keep going all way and not become stagnant by the praises which I could have given. I hope you understand"..the star twinkled...   

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