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                    I find India as a country of so many anomalies. We worship Goddesses but at the same time orthodoxy has made us treat women as inferior. The society had become patriarchal; women were under duress from men and this trend continued for generations. Being of the current generation, I am often left stumped as to why such things happened.
                  Today, I, being a man cannot think myself to be so dominant when it comes to handling any girl. Lets say even if I were present in that generation, I just cannot imagine myself to be commanding a woman or treating her as inferior. Forget about a woman, nowadays even servants are reluctant to work under too commanding masters. I wonder how did this concept arise? Just because women are weak physically? If so,then thats the most shallow thought I have come accross till date.
Why do we often focus on what is visible outwardly?For taming our ego, why do we often use such concept which makes us ashamed of ourselves?Can anyone answer these questions. Infact I would say, women are very strong mentally and can bear the load of emotions much more than men. Men have their own good qualities no doubt and we are all aware of that.
                 The respect for women must not be just a matter of symbolism, since so many events of rape have took place here. It must be from the heart with treating her as a human being just as we are. The concept of treating a woman as an 'object of pleasure' has to go. The shameful acts done by few men around has blemished the name of many other innocent ones.Having a physical intercourse has become so common these days that it has lost its sanctity. People are now indulging in it just to satisfy their libido. This libido may or may not have any associated emotions but then it leads to such shameful acts. Let me remind all that it is a symbol of love,emotions and not just an physical activity which helps quench ones thirst temporarily. It can never be forced upon anybody and even if done so wil never lead to any sort of contentment. I dont understand what sort of a pleasure do people find in having these things without any emotions?I just appeal to all men with such mentalities to stop doing such cowardly acts.
                 On the other side, I have also seen some women who want to take advantage of  sane men. Who play with emotions and then use all the rights bestowed to them to their advantage. Emotions are a very powerful tool and some women know how to leverage this when it comes to handling men. They play with emotions, rip it apart and then vanish like nothing ever happened. As this world consist of extremes, there are men who seriously get involved with women but face the heat of women fiddling with their emotions. I feel such women must be punished too. If I believe in equality then this point also has to be considered.Such acts are emotionally draining and it often leads to severe consequences.
               I appeal to all men to treat a woman with respect. A Woman can be good friend/girlfriend/wife/sister. Be in whatever form, they do give us a perspective to think on, which we can never think of. Dastardly acts must stop from both ends.I strongly detest men who indulge in forceful activities; be a India's Son, respect women, and you will see how your life will get enhanced in all fronts. At the same time I would use this platform to appeal to all women to not play with emotions and respect ours just as we respect yours.
Someday, I hope to see a world where there is no concept of 'women empowerment' as they are already equal and empowered as men.


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