Innocence, the best way to be happy.

                   Recently, I had a very bad time personally. I had started to overthink on issues and though I cared and loved people around me a lot, it was taken negatively and I began loosing them.
The only reason for this is overthinking or being excessively aware of the issues which should not be aggravated.
                 I often used to feel as to why my care and love is being so negatively taken; where exactly am I going wrong. Inspite of being so caring, why is it that people around me are pissed off me. Well guys there is an old adage, anything in excess is bad and detrimental and that is what exactly happened with me. I tried to excessively think good for them and tried to convince them to follow certain things which I felt were good for them but in reality it was an aspect which was absent even in the remote areas of their minds. This situation is terrible and it makes you feel as if the "World is bad and that people dont value you". The truth is that they do not match your expectations or they are not of your level to match up to your level of thoughts. This is one incident which makes me realise the importance of "qualities" of my other half rather than looks. There is a reason why elders say, get a person who matches your level, quality else your life will only downgrade instead of upgrading. Though I had not been in a relationship with anyone till date, this experience made me validate this thought.
                    Oh God, so many serious talks, right? Amidst all this when I was travelling to keep up with a commitment, I paused for a moment on the railway station just as to get a gist of things going around me. Here, I observed a baby, a very small child who was laughing and had a constant grin on his face. What was it for?Nothing as such but that innocence made me forget everything and then for a moment even I could laugh as if nothing of what stated above happened to me.
                 This baby taught me the way to move on. People around me would often pester me to stop thinking about a thing. I would question them as to where can I find that happiness? There is no reason to be happy but looking at that child made me blissful. The baby doesn't understand anything but still is happy. What is the use of growing up and being dismayed. What is the use of thinking unnecessary things when avoiding that thing can make you happy?
                We have a lot to learn from small kids. They are the epitome of innocence and purity and hence they are in a way more nearer to God. As we grow up, manipulation, lust and so any things corrupt our sanity that we just keep going far from an absolute state of bliss and God. This makes us commit sins and later on repent to atone for them. Kids dont overthink, they just live in the moment and experience happiness and that is the greatest lesson to learn from them.
So guys, whenever you are down or feel as if the world isnt running as per your wishes, just think of the  baby and be like one! dont care/bother about anything and that is the way you will be happy.


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