Dear God..

Hello Almighty,
                           How are you doing?Hope things are fine with you. What should I call you?Manager,Senior Manager or Delivery Lead of the Universe(as they designate in corporate ladder).Firstly thank you for making me experience this topsy-turvy world. Today I am writing this letter addressed to you since certain aspects makes me wonder the anomalies which you have created here. So shall I begin?
                          First, why have you created all this? Just imagine, absence of anything would mean that no hassles,no problems, no pain and nothing.This state is not even called nothingness since nothingness is the absence of 'something' and that something would have never existed. So null and void would have been apt? Fine, let us for once accept that you have created the whole universe, the whole grandiose scheme of matter which has led to a grandiloquent branch of science/astronomy, a bunch of intelligent people who are running behind something called infinity, something which has no end. Each year, they come up with interesting statistics to spice up the lives of others with some earthly-looking planet spotted yyy light years away.Please answer as to are there any other people like us you have spawned anywhere else? Look, my life is hardly 60-70 years on an average so Let this proposition be corroborated so that we are able to quench our unreasonable thirst to bond with extraterrestrials(but living inharmoniously with people on the same planet).
          Second, love, you have created the pure feeling of love for humans to experience. Since it is pure, it doesnt take into account the caste, creed or religion of the other person. Still, we are made to believe that the system of caste, creed was created in your presence and that it was for a reason. So tell me one thing, why did you create the feeling of love and then you made us restrict this pure thing with such principles which you yourself have condoned at one point of time?Isn't this behaviour self- contradictory?Please answer this.
         Third,you say you are good and invincible, so why haven't you destroyed evil souls/force. Are you insinuating  that the devils are insurmountable. What is the use of being invincible/immortal  then? Why don't you let justice prevail everywhere?
       Lastly, the concept of death, you make us devise these theories that death brings about peace to humans. If you ever wished for peace then why did you broach upon this concept of death and birth? First, you make us experience cherish able moments with our beloved ones and then suddenly you take them away from us?
   I would be elated if I got answers to these questions because behind these eternal questions leading nowhere lies the mystery of life!
                                                      Thanking you
                                                                                                    Yours Lovingly,
    (Just)A mortal.           

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