Unclarity: the root cause of stress

                 We all are stressed these days, some on the professional front and some on the personal one.  The causes of stress can either be intrinsic or extrinsic. I firmly believe that intrinsic factors can be handled and corrected as it is in our hands. What most of us suffer, for a prolonged period of time  is stress through extrinsic factors. To add to the complication, these factors are not in our control and there is hardly any action we could take on this. Despite knowing this fact, we let ourselves into the hole so deep that it affects our mind and ultimately our spiritual and mental well being.
                  The paramount factor of stress is due to unclear thought process or presence of undefined/misplaced entities/objects in our life.  Yes, you heard it right, even inanimate objects can be a cause of stress. In my case I have observed, things which do not actually add value or unorganized/scattered things often create unclarity in thoughts and lead to stress. This is like placing a ketchup bottle in your bedroom while it should actually be placed in your kitchen. Another example is furnishing the house to such an extent that the sole purpose of having adequate free space to live is defeated. I find it stressful when I have very little room to move around in a house. Although nothing grave but it hits the subconscious. Our mind functions best when things are organized which helps prevent unnecessary depletion of energy deciphering the unusual.

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                  Another extrinsic factor causing stress are people with unclear thoughts. This is one of the prime factors in our day-to-day life, especially if we spend most of our time with them either at home or workplace. Clarity is not an attribute of many; most people either do not find it necessary to be clear, leading to stressing not only others but even themselves in this process. One of the examples I could think of is about people in a committed relationship(in the personal sphere). It is not uncommon for two emotionally invested people to regularly quarrel over issues. In retrospection, most of these quarrels are over petty issues but only occur as emotions and sometimes ego shroud one's thinking.  For an example, if one of the individuals had a bad day at office, he/she would vent out this frustration on the other for trivial issues such criticize the food cooked or be adamant on a choice. A better and clear approach would be to be honest and direct with the other person on what they felt about a day. Such fights occur because the communication between two individuals was unclear. Most of the times, it becomes difficult to decipher the exact causes of this stress or which events were linked to it. Life is not ideal after-all, is it?

               For any human being, it is an utopian situation to be stress-free. Everybody of us have varying degrees of stress; all we can do is find our individual coping mechanisms. For me reading, writing,yoga and socializing are outlets of stress. Let me know your thoughts and ways to handle stress to.
Good day on that note.

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