Mr/Ms Perfect??

       "So what do you know?? I know this part of this chapter, I know some part of this chapter and some of some other chapter". Are you the one who answers this way when asked what do you know?? Then I presume you have the partial knowledge of everything prima facie but are a master of none.It's just like i know everything but not everything of something. Having a partial knowledge I presume is something not recommended at all.
       There are some interesting things I encountered during my academic tenure. When i sit for vivas, I am asked the same question and when I say these chapters are currently in my domain of knowledge, the instant reply is.."only this much?"...well...all i tell them is that its better to know fewer things better than nothing at all. The problem doesn't end here, the next "best" thing to happen is the examiners stare  you with a grilling look to give us a jist of how moments could get worse for us having named the those chapters. Justifying the look mentioned, the examiners will ask you simple questions but what you recollect are some "stars" you drew in your book. Nevertheless the look on our face is the one of deep thought, the one which portrays going through the pages in our "picturesque" mind. We loose out maily because of the glaring look of the examiner even if the questions are easy. Finally we see the examiner with such sincerity which we may never ever have expressed to anyone in the entire semester. Our mind appeals only one thing indirectly "Please pass kardo yaar(please give us passing marks atleast)".Their answer is I cannot pass you.....

  Now the second case: I say I have skimmed(read but not very attentively) everything but not done anything perfectly. This is also a problem. When I have studied part A from a particular chapter, I am always asked questions from part B of that chapter. Then again after some grilling on the parts which I haven't studied they are back to square one i.e "What do you know?". Who will make them understand that all we knew were things from part A of a particular chapter. Again the look on our faces is the one of sincerity and the story goes on and on till the last year.
  So now, since one gets screwed both the ways, how to handle this??think...think..oh yes..speak something out..something or the other...make an attempt?? rather than blatantly telling them "i dont know?". Well, this seems a tad bit better but then this way too you are screwed.How?? the examiner will say "if you dont know anything admit it". Then again the same story begins..the look...picturesque memory..etc. We make an appealing expression portraying the desperation and frustration of everything and a humble request to them to pass.They have an answer directly.."I cannot pass you..."

    The pressure to be perfect will always be on us. The above stated scenarios are just an example on how the world expects us to be perfect. Not only this even if we are perfect, it must be on all fronts. Sometimes i feel like asking the examiners on "whether they expect us to be specialists or generalists"..what does the world want??...there are no answers to this question...even if the answers exist, they can just be an individual perspective and not a generalised and an applicable-to-all  answer. So folks, the world is highly dynamic and confusing, isn't it??


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