Well, digitionships??seems weird??wait...so you message your friend more than you talk with him/her in person ??then you might be having a good digitionship i.e Digital relationship. Mobiles and computers have become the paramount means of talking to people along with other traditional means. It can be said to be to our benefit but when used as a complementary means of staying in touch with people.
    People will "make-up" and "break-up" using  digital gadgets. Here's a sample conversation:
Boy: I am calling it off.
Girl: Oh..y?
Boy: I am absolutely unsure of what I want.
Girl: Okay..your wish.
(and the conversation ends)
The conversations have become so shallow and superficial and so have the relationships.When relationships are precarious, digital media is not a good means to communicate since results can be catastrophic. People are hardly able to see what the other person is actually feeling or willing to express. What one misses out is the reception of emotions. How could that happen when we are unable to see that person, his gestures, his willingness/unwillingness. People break relationships so easily as if it were some commodity to be purchased and thrown after using for some cost. I am not that experienced to comment as a fatherly figure but have got the understanding to value any relationship in my life. When I see such things happening, I am dismayed that people have also accepted to live with the shallowness; the intensity of "hurt" is risen but equally declining is the value of "hurt" in people.
   Marriages, the sacred bond, have surely not remained untouched by digital communication. One of the positives being the presence of numerous sites which help find the right partner. Though it's not hard to imagine that someday, due to scarcity of time, marriages will turn digital. People will use video calling facilities to see each other and use digital Garlands. Softwares for completion of marriages with all the rituals will come into existence.I imagine this software to contain something called as"marriage-box"(like toolbox) which contain various elements like garlands,the ring etc which are essential for marriages Digital marriage certificates will come into existence and there might be companies which will issue these certificates. If the marriages become digital, all I could hope and wish is that God also make our existence digital(birth and death) to complete the "digital" drive.

    All my blog readers out there, let only my views here remain digital but let the meaning of it cross the digital boundaries into the paradise of your thoughts to create a difference. I just hope that people realise the obsession they have with digital gadgets which later results in "digitionships". Lastly,a humble request to the readers to get out of the four walls, meet people and give "relationships"(in person interaction) more priority than "digitionships" because come what may "emotions" and "relationships" can never be "digitised".

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