In pursuit of happiness

             Happiness, a topic much debated on and discussed on for the myriad definitions and perspectives it is having. The definitions can be a million but i would like to take this opportunity to discuss some. Before I start, may i ask what is happiness for you???is it buying a car???a new house???a future possibility of something good happening???or some past activity of yours???...well....let us find out..
           The definition of happiness differs from people to people. For some, happiness depends on the inner state of mind. Inner state of mind as in, by doing good to others, helping others and acting unselfish they find happiness. For them the outer materialistic things are just a part and parcel of life. In some aspects I feel they are right the only reason being materialistic things are temporary, as in they come grow old and are flushed out of life.  For instance the happiness of buying a computer is not very long lasting; after the initial excitement we often tend to get used to it and handle it as if it were a normal commodity. The above stated aspect is one thing I am unable to understand and that too inspite of knowing that a thing's importance will reduce, we are unable to 'reduce' the reduction of importance, isnt it strange?? The things we buy can be lost by us only to later realise they wont come back to us though we become attached to it. So in one way happiness doesn't totally apply to the materialistic things we buy.
        The same applies to relationships among people. When we make new friends, we have ample content to talk on and we are unable to keep a track of time especially when we find people with the same wavelength. As time passes though, these people are ingrained into our mind and there is nothing that special about them until and unless they leave us, we fight or we separate for various other reasons.So what is happiness here then??it lies in having such people throughout our lives...not caring about the distance which separates such people from us and always staying in touch. The happiness remains the same each time we talk to them; such people never grow old in our lives; they generate equal amount of alacrity each time we speak to them. People say time passes, but, I would say the joy of speaking to such people remains intact.
    Some of us wait for some or the other activity to be happy. For instance, when in school, one might think of going home and doing something more interesting than the indolence laden environment there. We pin our happiness to some activity of the future which cannot be vouched for its realization. We become happy imagining the rosy picture which lies in our "wonderlands". Same applies to our past; though it can be said to be a bit more reasonable. We think of the good things that have happened in the past and get charged up. Very well, but too much dependence on it and ignoring the present is what hits the most. What is happiness here then in this case????LIVE IN THE PRESENT. It is called PRESENT since each and every moment is a gift to our lives and we must cherish it and live it to our maximum rather then being dependent on other factors.
       So, all my blog friends, its high time, we redefined "happiness" in our lives to the present(gift) which we are having. The more i find myself writing about this topic, the lesser seems the content. I still state that happiness is a topic which cannot be defined by a single perspective at all.Well, friends for every other thing in life we have to pay a cost be it money,any sacrifice etc. but happiness is a thing which can be free of cost depending on what your thoughts are. All the points I stated above were nothing but a tinge of water amidst an ocean. Finally i would end this blog on a quote:

"True happiness is... to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future."
Lucius Annaeus Senec

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