Include Me!!

     The title seems absurd isn't it? What can it possibly mean according to you?Include you, but where? People have made good friends with whom they hang out with, have a good time with. Everything seems fine and green when you see a person in the group. Recently, I was amused to see the amount of efforts which people take to maintain their status quo in a group.
      We measure the "coolness" quotient of a person by the number of friends he/she has. A person who has more number of people at anytime is said to be crowd-puller,hilarious and an attractive personality. There are no second thoughts about the qualities which this person possesses. Everybody wants to become like him/her. The real problem arises in this thought only. To match upto such sort of personality, people try and force themselves into things which they might not be interested in. Let us take up the FIFA worldcup as the reference. People's mind which are 'football dead', suddenly woke up when the world cup bell rang. I was surprised when these people were acting as if football was not an alien sport for them and that it has been decades since these people started watching this game. The best part is when these people accost other hardcore football fans with some recent game discussion and end up making fun of themselves by stating some wrong facts owing to lack of knowledge. My laughter knew no bounds when a person openly supported a football club as opposed to a country. Such has become our attention-seeking habits that we just crave for attention albeit through such ways  warranting unnecessary self-mocking and devaluation of one's own personality.
     Having said all this, I fail to understand one thing, why do people want so much of attention? my wonder-lust struck mind wanted to dig deeper. One of the possible answers could be we belonging to the "social being" category.How would you feel being a loner when all around you are in groups making merry. One always feels to have someone with whom they could speak, lighten their heart and have fun; pretty natural that way.Let me tell you, being surrounded by people always or having let people bother you at times is annoying. Sometimes, it is always better to be alone and nurture one's thoughts.
     Human beings are pretty ambiguous when it comes to liking something.For instance, people living at a particular place always admire other places rather than acknowledging their own surroundings; to be precise, people in the north pole always admire the south pole and vice versa. When we go and reside there, we come to know the complexities involved in residing in that place. So according to this principle, a loner will always want to be surrounded by people and sometimes, a person in a group may want to be accompanied by solitude.
   I have always been blatantly opposing the method of forcing oneself into something which one doesn't wish for primarily.There are always people who will be like you when it comes to giving you company. There are like minded people and there are people who differ greatly in thoughts compared to you. I feel it is always better to be a loner as opposed to being an "intruder" in the group for the group members. Deliberations will always make you and other person uncosy with each other.
     So, guys stop deliberating and live naturally.The "include me" attitude should be deserted. Let me tell you that there are ways in which I have kept company, not that I have people near me in abundance always; company can take various forms you see, take you into wonderlands, make you imagine places you have never been in before, make you imagine characters in those places, make you imagine a whole new world.If you get what I mean to convey.........
So guys, who is giving you company??
“If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company.” 
-Jean Paul-Satre

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