My Sunshine Blog Award

Hello everyone out there. This is my first blog award and I wish to share this with all my readers who have relentlessly supported me by reading my blogs.
As the legacy goes, this award is awarded by a fellow blogger.This award helps to identify other fellow bloggers and connect with them.
I acknowledge my nominator Namrata who writes awesome blogs and whose page is worth visiting time and again.I just like her style of writing
Thank you Namrata this award shall always be cherished.

There are certain rules one has to follow in order to accept the award. They are:

1. Display award on your blog.
2. Show gratitude to the person and link back your nominator.
3. Nominate up to 10 of your favorite deserving bloggers.
4. Link the nominees in your post and let them know.
5. Write ten interesting things about yourself.

My nomination list goes as follows:
1)Anusree Burman
2)Vishal Bheroo
4)Ankita Shreeram

I shall nominate a few other bloggers with time.
Here are 10 things about me:
1)I have just completed my engineering in IT and on the verge of beginning my professional career.
2)I love reading books and that too from a  variety of genres.
3)I believe in simplicity and I find beauty in uncomplicated and clear thinking.
4)I am a deep thinker and my blogs are a reflection of that.
5)I really admire my parents and their simplicity.
6)I write what I feel and expect readers to be open about their views on that topic.
7)I also love singing and have got a token of appreciation in this too.
8)I believe in absolute dedication in the work I take up.
9)There are certain people who are valued dearly in my life.
10)Lastly, I believe in sarcasm a lot....:P.


  1. Happy to read this post... and to see the sunshine spreading far and wide... Best wishes... :)

    1. Thank you once again..:) and let this sunshine illuminate the darkest of corners..:)

  2. Congratulations Anirudh.. And thanks for passing it on.. Honored! :)

    1. Hey Anusree, you are welcome. You write really well, keep it up.Also, also feel free to air your views on my blog, if any..:D