The conversation among intellectuals!!!

                   Now that my exams got over and for sometime atleast I am getting a respite from all the stationery items. So I utilized this time to just wonder about what they had to say about me. They have worked really hard to get me here and I guess they deserve credit for the same. There were some stationery items I would prefer using during my examinations while for others, they had found a dark recess inside my pouch to rest during the strenuous times.They were very reluctant to talk to me in my presence so I just put a microphone on the table and went away for a break during studying for one of the examinations. Here's what everybody had to say:
(My pouch has a pencil ,Pen A,Pen B(used less as compared to Pen A), Scale, Rubber,Sharpener lets see what these people have to say about recorded by my microphone)
Pen A: Hello guys, how are you all doing?
Pencil: I am doing well, it's only during the examination that I become a commodity to be used; other times I    have a peaceful sleep. Life is kind of seasonal for me. Every 6 months my importance is realised.
Rubber: I pretty much agree with Pencil, I am only used to rub off the scars which this pencil creates on the   paper. Pencil, I need to ask you one thing, why do you create so many wrong curves and marks??
Pencil: Hey that's not my mistake; this guy guides me to work and I create my marks according to how he     holds me and guides me along the paper.That's really unfair of you for blaming me for this!
Rubber: As you can see my status, I have become so small in size only to hide the wrong marks created by you. I feel I don't have a life of my own. While everybody grows, I am just  reducing in size as the days pass rubbing someone else's wrongdoings.
Pen A: Well, you two, it seems his pouch has only a pencil and a rubber. Look at me, I am the same since 4 years and that is so boring. he doesn't even dispose me for me to take a new shape and for my life to get interesting. All the time he refills my ink and uses the same style of handwriting. Let me tell you one thing, his handwriting is cursive and he must be rotating me about 30 times a minute continuously, that's so tiring. I am bored of his touch and curves!!!!! The worst part is on the answer paper he tries to overwrite pencil's lead marks with my ink in diagrams. I am fed up of so much of importance!!Sometimes I even try to protest by not giving out a smooth flow of my ink but he ignores and by flipping me in different angles ensures that my ink flows properly!!
Scale:No reduction in size, no issues but my surface becomes rough after a point of time.
Sharpener: It seems I am in relationship for life with pencil. The only job is to groom the pencil so that it delivers quality and sharp marks. Nothing more to say!
Pen B:Hey listen up you all, I am quite chilled, he uses me very rarely, I am fed up of his mood swings but guess what i really like him since he bothers to care of me and also makes me realise my importance by using me regularly. So I think, I have nothing to crib about with this guy.
Pencil: Pen B, maybe you wont realise, for his own needs he sharpens me and reduces me in size as days go by, as I work for him I see myself reduced in size and power. Won't you feel bad for such a thing?
Pen B: Not at all, infact mates, I rate all of us more than his friends who are humans, would you like to know why?
Pen A: That's a very interesting point you made Pen B, I can't wait to hear your justification
(Everybody now listens with full concentration with the rubber allthemore curious )
Pen B: As you all know, he prefers Pen A more than me, so I have been kept at the outermost zip in his pouch where he hardly explores things.I could hear all he spoke to himself when he was alone. He spoke about how humans are manipulative and not trustworthy. He hates such people and loves people who can be trusted upon. I think we all are loyal to him and stood by him for all these years! doesn't that make us better than his fellow friends??Though we loose a part of us daily, I feel proud to do so, its a life lived of pride and no guilts.
Pen A: Hey come on bro, aren't you getting too serious here, I need a change okay?
Rubber: I agree with you Pen B, you are absolutely right! all these days I have been cribbing but now I feel proud of my own loss. I just hope after my slaughter, he disposes my cover properly which i am wearing now and on which he holds me to rub!!
Pencil: Correct Pen B, but before laying my life for him I would surely advise him to buy a lead pencil rather than pencils like me, in this way those pencils can remain loyal forever with only the lead changing inside.
Pen A: Scale and sharpner, I hope you are on my side atleast!!
Scale: No, Pen A, I agree with what your counterpart has to say, I shall serve my master!
Pen A: Scale, It seems you are in the armed forces. Oh come on scale!
Sharpener: Do we have any option here?? but there is some substance in what pen B has to say.It's better to be loyal and serve him after-all he is caring....
(Meanwhile, I make an entry and they all are back to their static you all can imagine what can they say after this...)

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  1. Pretty interesting. Loved the way, u kept the conversation simple and short- that brought fresh essence to this post.

    1. Thank you Viyoma..:). was a pleasant experience writing this post..:)

  2. A post of substance making our stationery come alive and speaking their mind. A joy ride and beautiful built up with spicy flavor:)

    1. Thank you very much for the compliment Vishal..:)

  3. That was pretty good Anirudh :) doesn't it make you proud that they sttod loyal to you? Lovely write up :)

  4. Hi swathi. To your question,I am so elated about they being loyal. It's always good to have such people (as well as stationery) around..:) Thanks for the compliment..:)