Is avoidance really a solution?

       Avoidance is said to be the main strategy which is adopted by humans to reach a truce to the problems which they face. I recently happened to wonder, is it really a solution to all issues? Does avoidance provide a permanent solution to the problems? What do you think?
       To start with, whenever I stated any problem which did not have a straight-forward solution, avoidance was suggested by people. It is the solution which, according to them, relieves a person of pondering about a problem which they have. At this very moment, I wondered, where does this problem go? The whole universe is balanced and there is no magic in problems vanishing away out of the blue. What should be done then? Let us take up the  process of food assimilation and overall digestion process of our body. Whatever food we ingest into our body is either absorbed and used for our life essential processes or excreted from our body, in this way there is always some process which defines each action performed. What if we imagined that the food we just ingested was avoided by our system and rejected for any process whatsoever. Just imagine now, where will this food go? It cannot be residing in the realms of our stomach all the time; it needs to vacate the space occupied by it to make room for the new food substances to nurture our body's health.
     Emotions are no different  and being emotionally healthy involves flushing out old emotions to make room for new and healthy ones.The unhealthy and vicious practice of people to generalise emotions based on a previous experience acts as a hindrance. After any bad experience, people often harbour these feelings(often negative) inside them, ignore them and are complacent that things are good with them; this complacency does not last much and the emotions which once they avoided surely hits back like a thunderbolt out of nowhere. Emotions have no physical existence and are abstract  and this makes things worse because we have no external tonic or any medication to help. The grandiose challenge, I believe is not an unhealthy body but unhealthy emotions. Having said all this, the best I could hope for is the presence of an excretion system for emotions. In this way, people realise how much filth they hold in their hearts.
    The first step to flush these emotions out of the system is accepting the fact that things have happened and letting go of the past for a better future. But wait, there is a catch here too, memories, they act like destructors of this process. People think what they experienced in the past to be way better than it actually was. This compels them to go back to the place where they came from to feel "secure". How can memories exaggerate things like this? If things were so better, they would never have taken a turn for the worse. With such destructive memories, they spoil their present and end up ruining their future prospects. People at the other end of such emotional people are smart enough to know this and take this to their advantage. So, in this discussion we found that avoidance of issues spawns memories which again backtracks our progress by 2 steps.
    I have explained the perplexities involved in avoiding a problem w.r.t emotions. However, this could also be extended to other domains, areas for a better life and healthy living.
     So, having said all this, I wish to ask all of you, do you see avoidance as a strategy to tackle your problems??


  1. Nice one Anirudh, It is a good question to open with. I guess avoiding someone is mere escapism cos we are not strong enough to handle the outcomes. We are afraid of conflict, afraid of the fact that someone can point fingers at us or shout at us or even make our lives uncomfortable. Sometimes it makes me feel that it is the best thing to do and some other times it seems like the worst thing. But I guess it all depends on the recipient person. If that person is important in life, we always find a way to keep them close :)..

    PS: Nice to know that you are an avid reader. It is a nice feeling to connect with someone who reads, always a great set of things to talk about :)

  2. I second all what you just said Vinay. Just a matter of who is important and who isn't.Majority of the times we are afraid of conflicts while sometimes, we wish we could avoid somehow fighting with someone; the latter case is when escapism comes into play.
    Absolutely true, talking with a person who reads opens up so many avenues to discuss; avid readers never fall sort of topics..:)
    Glad to see you airing your views here, hope you keep doing so in the future too.
    I have read many of your blogs and must admit that you really write well, in a way in which I can relate to the content.