The beauty of fiction

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    Fiction has allured scores of people over the years. Fiction has helped many authors make a living, fiction has helped us to reach areas which are considered remote according the realms of reality. Fiction has helped some authors showcase the power of words which they possess to make the experience nerve-gripping. I haven't based any of my articles on fiction but have read many blogs where authors so lucidly and vividly describe some surreal circumstances. To understand fiction, a person needs a mind which says "There is world beyond mundaneness".
      Reality can never second the old adage of "Nothing is impossible". In our real world, we are often impaired by our limitations of seeing,listening,sensing things. Yes, you got it right, these are an impediment according to me. I term them so because they widely limit our thinking to whats called actually possible. No doubt that today our race has made a mark on the moon. Long before it could be turned into reality, we had already made our mark on the moon fictionally. It is fiction which initiated and heralded a spark in us which is today responsible for this milestone by human race. We are still physically putting in efforts to determine the end of the 'infinite' universe. Well, I have already reached the end and have also seen its creation. It is imagination to be more precise, the premier component of fiction which defies all laws and breaks all the shackles. There exists no manacle for the hands of fiction.  I sometimes wondered, how to restrain thoughts just like a person who is jailed. Is there a way?After hours of being pensive all I could infer is that "there exists no non-existential(because thoughts are themselves physically non-existential) chain to restrain our thoughts".
     Somebody has rightly said that 'a particular thing is realised twice, once in the mind and once in reality'(words may not be exact as the quote). For the latter to happen, we must let the first stage to really 'materialise'. All great inventions can be considered to be "fiction" once upon a time when people could only imagine talking to each other with them resting in different continents and united by a wire carrying electrical signals; the telephone which is now a reality.
   I feel that fiction is the precursor to reality. Some of you might still think of situations where realisation of the same is next to impossible. One of the situations might be humans declaring to have reached the end of universe and interacting with other extraterrestrial beings as depicted in numerous movies. The "fictional" part in me clearly shows a affirmative feeling. For me there exists nothing coined as bizarre, everything is possible, everything can be done first in the mind...and then finally, someday, experienced.
    Unexpressed fiction is the ultimate freedom a man can have, he can surely do all the bizzare things in his mind and no force but himself/herself can only stop or oppose his/her actions. So, let the MS Paint of your mind be active and let you all paint something which you wish to see true, someday.
I would like to end this blog on a quote:

"Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve"
-Napolean Hill

Let me know about the fictional stories you have written!

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