Towards a zestful life...

     The title says it all. Zest is the  supreme quality when it comes to achieving success and no matter how big your dreams are, it finally comes down to your will, to your physically non-existential will to be precise, to do things. Everyone of us have some or the other situation,people who give us the necessary zest to succeed and surprisingly, it hasn't have to be positive all the time; for me negative things have also added zest in my life by creating a void which only greater things could have filled up. I consider life to be a surface which maybe irregular and with depressions in certain patches; but these depressions do not exist for a long time. If depressions exist either you perish or live by filling up the depression. I'd like to share five scenarios which lights me up:

                                             Presence of like-minded people: 

Like minded people, the kind of people who have the same electric charge as yours. If you go right, they'd also prefer going right. These people are the ones who make us feel at home when we are alienated in a particular place.I still remember the times in my college when I used to get a bit sullen owing to the environment there and wouldn't interact much. I inhabited this feeling of loneliness since I felt that no-one thinks the way I do, hardly pursue things which I do and then I met a person who had thought the same way I did and then we had a plethora of topics to discuss. In that sullen environment, the presence of a single like minded person adds considerable life and zest to any situation.  

                                                Presence of positive people: 

Optimism has always been a key factor which provides the necessary nitro boost to keep the car running in the long race.If any of you have played Need for Speed, there existed a concept of Nitro-Boosters, Optimism is like a Nitro-booster where the race has participants who are optimists,pessimists and extreme realists; optimism gives the necessary boost which helps overtake even the fastest bike in the race. The best thing to learn from optimists is how they succeeded inspite of the impediments they had. Considerably adds to my zest. Positivity is always associated with zest.

                                              Presence of a motivating leader: 

Sometimes, all you need is motivation. You might be the best engineer in the planet but without proper motivation, you are as good as a confused average engineer who is stammering to get things done. Brain ceases to support owing to the dull environment.
 Impossible has been achieved by people who have had a good leader nearby. A zestful leader can take you to the darkest dungeons and make you believe, against your senses, that there exists light and you never know, you have already crossed that dungeon thinking so. Such is the power of a leader.

                                   Being Happy and making others Happy:

 I like being happy and making others happy. Happiness is such a good feeling that it adds life to even the darkest of situations. There is no definition of happiness as such. I get happiness by seeing someone smile, by being in a place where there's a lot of greenery, sometimes by being solitary,sometimes by breathing fresh and non polluted air early in the morning. The spectrum of happiness in my dictionary is too huge but surely being happy myself and spreading happiness is an idyllic scenario for me.

                                   Presence of people with conflicting opinions: 

Having written the first point, it seems quite strange to write this point which is the total opposite. I find this to be a necessary condition in growing.Even a stable democratic government needs an opposition for smooth functioning. When you face opposition, you face either of the two situations:
     i)You are driven to prove them wrong.
    ii)You learn something out of it.
The first case is a clear situation where one is motivated and the second case is where one learns something new.This is one of the situations which adds zest to my life. Isn't it refreshing?
  So guys, what is your zest mantra??

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