The filthy rich but poor state of affairs!!

   It is morning 7:30 am IST and I and my friend are standing in anticipation of a bus at the stop. In a vast colony of ours, I can just hope that some bus might have gone inside the depot to later on make an appearance outside to ferry the customers to station. These buses are said to follow a timetable and are supposed to be on time like the local trains. The "Fixed" time actually is "variable". Sometimes the "standard deviation" is too much and sometimes astonishingly too less. I get a bus after these calculations only to know that I have no seat to sit but a comfortable place for my legs to hold the weight of my body.
 After a half an hour journey with my friend, we reach the station and this is where things are more disordered though the timings are fixed and sacrosanct. Every train does come on time, does its duty diligently of ferrying customers but customers fail to care for the services provided. In this case it is assumed that money paid is a big favour done. This is not the attitude which people portray or would express but something which their actions speak. "Macho-ism" here is something which is not based on one's character and actions but more on one's habits and appearance. People consider the whole of the country as a "wash-basin" since hardly there are any restrictions on spitting and every man has an extended right of "right to spit".
The railway tracks are a victim to this phenomenon. They are filled with so much filth and dirt that it is hardly bearable. People have become active doers but passive observers, what I say by this is that we act very easily, may it be any action but the effects of such actions are something which nobody wants to even observe or bring to notice or for that matter improve. One glance at the tracks will show many plastic bags, sometimes some bad spit stains which are considered to be "normal". From the person's perspective who has spit can consider himself/herself a hero figure since he did this action and there was not a single person to stop him/her in doing so.Behind him maybe 10 other passive commentors who would not publicly ask him to mend his ways but might abuse him internally for his insanse actions."Akhir me kaun jhagda karega aur jhanjat mei padega, ek ke sudharne se desh nahi sudharta(At the end who wants to fight and why to get into trouble and just improving one person will not improve a country)" is what people use as a standard "comment and logic" to refrain from correcting the person or questioning his/her actions.People, with this logic end up getting a false satisfaction a  reason for their actions. Owing to this attitude today, the not only the tracks in India but also the streets are filthy with garbage lying on roads, in certain areas(I see the condition slightly improving these days, feel good).
One more dirt is the passive attitude of people in turning a deaf ear to such problems. As I mentioned above, as always there is a rat race for money and there is no mistake in it being so, mistake lies in considering  that paying money allows one to do as per his whims without fulfilling any of his/her responsibilities towards the country. People don't realise that money cannot buy him/her everything: money can surely buy a house but it cannot buy him/her environmental beauty which is complimentary with the house. As the environment is complimentary, so should be such duties and they must not be equated with money paid for a service.
   So, people are getting richer day by day in terms of money but we are still poverty struck when it comes to our social responsibilty. So, guys, human race can never be poverty-free, can it? If we ever have to experience any such time, let us not turn a deaf ear to all gross that is going around us and make this world a "rich" place to live in.
    Let us first understand the different shades of "poverty".
Lastly, I would like to end this blog on a quote
“You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.”
-Frank McCourt

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